The Badger

Badger, badger, black and white

Camouflaged against the night

Brambles rustle as you brush by

From your sett, elusive, shy


Living in a close-knit clan

A forager, no threat to man

Nature’s civil engineer

By British public held so dear


But omnivore of stocky build

Defra say you should be killed

Accused spreader of TB

A sniper’s bullet’s saved for thee


Infector of doomed cattle herds

Truth or fact, the line is blurred

So it seems that you’re a cursed

Drain upon the public purse


Badger, badger, black and white

Woodland creature of the night

Moonlight shimmers in the sky

Unaware your end is nigh



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jan oskar hansen

Fri 14th Feb 2014 22:15

nice poem, you know in Norway there are hardly any badgers left, they have been eradicated for little and no reason at all

C Byrne

Mon 6th Jan 2014 16:05

great poem about an important topic. thanks for sharing.

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John Coopey

Thu 12th Dec 2013 15:28

Only just found this Starfish.
Really like the rhythm I like especially the line "Nature's civil engineer". I like the technical sense but also the implication in "civil" of benign.

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Steve Higgins

Sun 1st Dec 2013 09:17

This is so musical its almost a song lyric. I love it,
Steve x

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