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My Muse

Hearts - beating faster

Temperatures - rising

Eyes - shining bright




Anticipation - almost too much

Closeness - never too much

Happiness - just being together

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Diamonds & Oil & Love

Diamonds & Dirt

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend
But at the cost my dear, at the cost
Of never boring them, you are their
Entertainment, they are your love.

Diamonds if they could talk would tell
A causatory tale of distance and dirt
You, a perfect diamond, a pure light
In the compressed dirt of their lives.

Diamonds reflect the compression
Which is the brevity of our lives

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New Year - New Beginnings


All we can do makes no difference
All that we see makes it worse
All that we feel is more pain
All that we say is useless
All that we are is dust
All that we want is
Impossible unless
We take the
First step.



I know that I loved you,
And more than a little,
But now you are gone.

I feel...

Too heartless to beat,
Too lonely to need,
Too empty to c...

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Prison - Mandela thoughts

If you feel imprisoned today,

In factory, office, school,

With woman, parent, child,

Just the groundhog day of life.


These words can set you free

From your private prison cell –


You can walk along the shore,

With sand between your toes,

And salt-caked cracking lips.


You can fly a million miles,

With sea below and stars above,

And wind-watered streami...

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Shaping Up



Love is two

Love is hello again

Love is a moment in time

Love is needing to be loved

Love is wanting to hold you now

Love is the spark when we touch

Love is two hearts beating as one

Love is the closeness when asleep

Love is curling up so close to you

Love is emptiness without you

Love is waking to your smile

Love is sad when you go

Love is you and ...

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Wine is for laughing
Wine is for talking all night
Wine is for living life out loud
Wine is for making us beautiful
Wine is for all-night conversations
Wine is for getting together again
Wine is for ‘never again’ tomorrow
Wine is for sleeping like a baby
Wine is for telling the truth
Wine is food for love
Wine is friendship
Wine is fresh

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Passion & Pleasure

Feather Bed


Softness envelopes you like a warm cloud

Sensuous touch brings us closer than skin

Time stops for almost endless moments as

We fly higher than the moon in the morning.


We are always good together methinks and

"Nothing can do us any harm"- like that song

We made out to from the White Album many

Years ago when you were just as beautiful

As you are tod...

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Looking to snooze on AA922 to Miami today

Little monsters scream all the way for fun

Seat kicking for exercise and expression

Murder in mind as red wine spills on shirt

Wishing it was little darlings’ blood instead

Open the door and take them wing walking

Angry parents complain for some reason

Perhaps because I did not bring them back

Now sleeping, no apologi...

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Tell Me About Love




I love you openly

But you cannot see this

Because you are looking

In the wrong direction

Just turn around now

 And you will see.


I love you quietly

But you cannot hear this

Because you are listening

 In the deafness of silence

Listen for our love now

And you will hear.


I love you completely

But yo...

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Nothing Ever After



All my life I have been visited by a black dog,

Who brings dark thoughts of death and dying.

This is a coward’s escape in the light of day,

But no light penetrates the darkness I feel.


The decisions I make and the people I lead,

Who trust and respect the results I achieve,

The family I love and the life that I lead,

Make the challenge of now...

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Love Life



In love, a delicious drowning feeling,

Where stillness surrounds us, contrasting

A movie-like, high speed madness around us,

Bypassing us, because our love is frozen in time,

Growing now like the first buds in a spring passion,

Our touch electric-like, brings us closer than skin,

So close, that our hearts beat like one heart,

So close, that we drea...

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Comfort in patterns

Three poems written about coping with living from the perspective of my 24 year old son who has Down syndrome




I am trapped inside a message

Inside a message inside my head

I don't know how this happened

But it did because it has

People who don't understand

Just look the other way

My friends who are like me

Just accept me for who...

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Down syndromelivingchoices

Slow motion





Living life at

Speed, if you blink,

You will miss it, thundering

Down the road to hell, thinking

This is not the Promised Land, since

You wanted something cooler, never

Planning an afterlife of flames,

A somewhat hottish heaven.

I found the way by going

Slow, do everything

At 33 instead

Of 78.



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