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The bayonet. I've had it a decade. There's provenance here... not written I'm afraid. My mate Richard, who I went to school with in 82-87, had a lovely sister. Lorraine. from a different dad. He was a soldier in the British army. He's dead now. He collected weapons, guns and knives. His wife asked Richard what to do with them. Some were real guns. I said tell any cops the guns are fake or deactivated. Anyhow I had the bayonet.

The story... the soldier, my mates stepdad, was in combat in (Alsace) Lorraine area of France. A huge battle was fought here. Many were killed on both sides. Alsace/Lorraine was part of France, Germany, France in this fight and in history. There's even a cross of Lorraine. The soldier found a dead German soldier. I don't know if he killed him. He took the bayonet off him. And the soldier survived the war. In later years, I guess 1968/9, he had a beautiful daughter. Her name is Lorraine. That pretty northern lass is named after that oh so special area in France, Lorraine, where that awful fight took place, to crush the Nazis. Where her father fought. Oh we won but many died. I'd ask the soldier to write it down but he's dead now. So there you go. I'm gonna do a poem on this. I've not seen Lorraine in ages.


Where is she now? Does she remember what happened at Lorraine? Does she know the bayonet's story?

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nick armbrister

Sun 17th Nov 2013 19:22

yes my bayonet is like that. i sold it and doubled my cash on it. a bit of history from mankind's biggest ever event.

bet your bro wernt too thrilled on swapping it lol.

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 9th Nov 2013 12:13

Hi there - the illustration you use for this blog
brings back a memory for me. My brother - in the
Royal Engineers at the time - brought back the
same type of item from Germany in the 50s: an SS dress dagger. The blade was Solingen steel
- beautifully engraved with the words
"Deutschland Uber Alles".
I risked the brother's anger by swapping it at
school - can't recall what for now!

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