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Curtain Call Parts I & II

Curtain Call Pt I

When the curtain goes down
For that very last time
I will pull on it’s string
Rather than bow politely
Bathing in the applause

Stand aside in the shadows
And walk into the rain
Leaving the words to speak
For themselves without me
Stealing any of their thunder

Shutting that door behind me
Like a chapter in a book
In rhythm to the cheers
Clutching my stomach
Like a rhetorical qu...

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Tracing Planes

You should be here
Whistling the national anthem
When they march past
In their dusty uniforms.

You should still be here
With your smile
And medals out-shining
The rays of the sun.

You should have come home
And walked down my street
And should have seen
Men walk on the moon.

You should have seen England
Win the Ashes
And had children
Waltzing on your knee.

You should have ...

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