Cheeky Swine

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If you go down in the woods today                        

You might not believe your eyes

Some campers in Western Australia

Were in for a big surprise


Awoken by a crunching sound

In the middle of the night

A rampaging pig they came across

Gave them a massive fright


But more than that the cheeky swine

Was snaffling all their beer

Shredding all their rubbish bags

And wrecking all their gear


What came next it will amaze

The beast it ran amok

Bolstered by the demon drink

A cow it tried to sock


Said cow did not take kindly

To this unprovoked attack

Gave chase to that wayward boar

Who sensibly back-tracked


The aggressor quickly trotted off

(Well, a stagger ‘twas more like)

Took refuge under a nearby tree

The drunken, wayward tyke


This is a true story.


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Fri 13th Dec 2013 09:51

Amazingly written :)

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Rose Casserley

Thu 7th Nov 2013 21:32

mines a pint,and a packet of drunken porky scratchings! tee-hee.Hilarious Starfish.x

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 4th Nov 2013 00:04

You`re mistaken John...Look at it? It`s far
too good lookin` to be you.

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John Coopey

Sun 3rd Nov 2013 21:38

I know. I was that pig.

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