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The ice in her eyes

Melted the trickle of lies

Encrypted on her face

Exposing a jasmine malaise


A trace of despair

Aces - a pair

Concealed up her sleave

Flattered to decieve


The weave of the web

The nails - a bed

The words - token

Olive branches, stripped - broken


Guilt sounds tip toe

Around a blonde glow

In the looking glass

Of new mown ...

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Scrambling from a turbulent stream


                  I dream...

of sailing in a sea of daisies

drifting to buttercup bay

enticed by the scent of jasmine

and the aroma of new mown hay


swimming with a school of angelfish

engulfed in a swell of warmth

floating on a tide of reflection

                   I wish...



          greener gras...

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What's this thing

that's so beautiful, yet, can be so ugly?


What's this thing

that makes you laugh and cry?


What's this thing

that's gentle, strong, soft and abrasive?


What is it?


Why does it change like the weather

dividing it's particles but still holds together?



Why does it radiate so much warmth,

yet create so much ice?




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I'm a woman

Let me breathe

I'm feminine

Let me be


My feline body 

May appear weak

But my intricate mind

Is unique

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A Tug of Love

Nurse me

So...oooth me

Squ...eeeze me

Kiss me


Wash my face

Comb my hair

Fix my laces

Straighten my tie


                     Hold my hand


Walk me to school

Throw a tearful wave

Catch a nervous look

Release a maternal smile


Search my tongue

For a lie

Scrub it clean

When I'm wrong


Sneak a peek

On my facebook

Deny you di...

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The script


the grey matter

with no questions

tendered or rendered

to hide

the creases and flaws

of the catechism curtain


Incense clouds

the view

from the true

sense of reality


Morality kneels

on glass - stained

water - unholy

drips into tears


Guilt trips

filter into veins

trembling, shaking

in silence

occupied by


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A flickering light

mirrored on to a bedroom wall

in the middle of the night

a leg moves

the flicker fades

the eyes close

it re-appears


A hand opens

to caress the shine

it dances into crevices

teasing the fingers


The mind wanders deep into darkness

closing its ears to distractions

eyes ignore instructions

tissue lids, paper thin

detect a tanta...

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The Text

You didn't tell me

When you opened your door

That one day you would slam it on my fingers

Trap my tail

Put on the red light

And sail into the sunset

Guns blazing with Mickey Bubble

Crying a river into his Dom Perignon

Popping your cork

Floating your boat

And dripping his caviar on the deck...




Like the texts I sent

That f...

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Moonlight, Roses and You

Moonlight - and you

Roses - the scent

Whispers your name


Golden hair, aromatic smile


Laughter in your eyes

Captured - a gentle bite of your lips - sweet


The dance of rapport

Rhythm, movement

Waves - soft, smooth

                   Breathless motion


Ocean - lapping, rolling, crashing, caressing the rock...

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The exterior appears alive

The interior's brown bread


The smile smiles but the head's mashed

H'orderves shattered, tattered and scattered

Over a kaleidoscope ocean swell


The bell tolls out of control like a fire engine on heat

Beating faster, harder, threatening to burst the ticker

On the B of the bang


Badly drawn curtains

Expose the writing...

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Mother ! Can you see me ?

( This was a situation 16 years ago when my wife was expecting our youngest child. Unfortunately she had a fall  which put her into labour and our son was born 6 weeks premature and spent 4 weeks in intensive care. It was touch and go for both of them at the time but they came through it. Our son has now grown into a strapping 6 foot athletic, bright young man after such a traumatic entrance to...

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A plane scratches the clear blue sky

leaving a milky blemish on the virgin canvas.


A posse of rabbits bob and weave in a meadow

of buttercups and daisies

until their playtime is interrupted by the bark of a dog.

Ears alert, noses twitching and eyes scanning the terrain,

they disappear in unison to their underground bunkers.


A large bull controls the adjac...

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Hunched shoulders

hands in shallow pockets

hiding from the cold

left hand searching for an ember of warmth

in the corners of threadbare lining

fingers tingle

as he finds his last penny of comfort...

a pick for his guitar


His soul released

he starts to play

Hendrix style - Hey Joe

people stop, heads turn,

faces stare

as he rocks All Along the Watchtower


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When I was born

        I was Harold

but last Christmas

        I became Carol


I only changed

        for a festive dare

not knowing

       it'd cause a stir


Cos things went wrong,

        the meat 'n' two veg are gone


In their place

        a botox face,

two melons

        and a pear shaped bum




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Daggers in your eyes

tempered by words of fire

and flames from your tongue

puncture my heart



Tears trickle

roll and meander

sealing my lips

healing my wounds.


As is love...As love is

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This is the last Christmas !

Cos Santa Claus has got the sack

for growing weed and selling crack.


Upon his arrest he did protest his innocence

and made it clear

it was for personal use

and medication for his reindeers.


As part of his defence

he said he wasn't to blame

it was the fault of years

of success, stress and fame.


At sentenc...

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The moonlight shadow

unfolds across your furrowed brow

while you contemplate your face

in the mill pond glaze.


You cast your line and wait.

An owl calls, interrupting your nostalgia

and stalling your train of thought

that chugs by all too often in your twilight years.


The rain falls,

rippling your face in the pond

as a vole scampers by your f...

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Blue and red stripes moving with ease

rolling the spotted sponsored bag of wind

along the grass below the breeze.


Creating patterns of triangular squares

through a diamond formation,

always aware of that picture,

that intelligent shaped creation.


Decisions of length, of strength,

of calculated weight of pace.

Putting the lace the right way round


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In Germany

I'm Herr

In Church 

I'm Hymn

In Letter

I'm Sir

In Birth  

I'm Twin.


In Rome 

I'm Italian

In Summer

I'm Hot

In Love

I'm Stallion

In Truth

I'm Not.


In Scotland 

I'm Jock

In Glasgow

I'm Born

In Whiskey

I'm Scotch

In Kilt 

I'm Worn.


In French 

I'm Revolution

In Paris...

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I've hit the wall

full stop ! 

I'm blocked out

with nowt

to say

I can't play a note

or even hum

a tune.


I've tried  spoon


my eyes

and rubbing

my thighs

like Vic Reeves

but I can't


a rhyme or thought

my brain age

is nought.


I'm distraught !


Please help

por favor

before I ban...

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There was a man with a rash

Who was told to rub it with cash

But all he had was cheque

Which didn't remove a speck


So to get him out of a fix

A kind lady

Let him use her threp'ny bits !

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Come on guys put your hands up

Be brave

Who's ever thought of the ultimate

That fate we're all destined for

The last breath


Who's tried the test when you were kids

Held it for as long as you can

To get the buzz

Of the fuzzy head and the wobbly legs


Who's then been close to the overdose

The plastic bag that sags your head

On the bed


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Listen, I'm going to let you into a secret

I did it when I was 15!


Yeh, I know some of you will be shocked and think

I was a bit naive to get stung.

But some of my mates had been doing it since they

Were 13 and 14 and they started taunting me...

I felt out of it.

And I knew some of the girls in our class had been at it

Since they were 12!


I was so...

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No Title

How do you write poetry?

I don't know, haven't got a Scooby Doo.

Although a teacher once told me the words you use

Should rhyme and stick together like glue.

But I haven't got the time or

The intonation to think like that.

My mates would think I'm a right ......Ball and Bat.


One lady suggested that we should work together

Using the Free Style Rhythm method...

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Maternal Beacon

Mother, every breath shared.

Every step a hop, skip and a jump,

to keep touch, to keep in front.

As you guide young eyes

through misty forests, where nothing sleeps

and hungry wolves wait for

lame ducks and lost sheep.


Wanderers stray and lose their way.

But patient anchor waits,

anticipates their return with a firm hand,

open arms and a warm heart.


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Dark night fell

When life's blood was spilt - cold

A last breath stolen - murdered


With no hand to hold

With no chance of growing old


Hearts broken

As Mother's spirit

Is softly spoken



Eyes focused through tears

Through years of emotion

With hopes alive

Doubled beyond jeopardy


Tides change

                   Roll ashore


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They told us it would be over by Christmas

          But it was a sepia, suicidal scene

                    In July 1916




The grass was green

          The mud was brown

                    On rolling hills

                              Where trees were falling

                                        On top of limbs already broken


The ea...

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Breathe in please as you squeeze

Through the envelope and escape

The pigeon hole of high numbers

That lumbers and encumbers you


And threatens the glue that holds

The letters together to make sense

And condense the myth

Of 3 score and 10


Then think again, hang in there

Give the young guns a stare

And tell them you're here

Still here, no fe...

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Five seconds that's all it took.

Five seconds of rage, lost head.

When I pushed and shoved and he struck

his skull on the bench, now he's dead.


Five seconds equals fourteen years clink

at least, before I see the light of day.

He got everything from me and to think

he threw it in my face and gave it all away.


I found an ear ring and a note

from tha...

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Tippler toilets down the yard, pitch black.

No chain,

ripped up newspapers down the drain.

No lights,

not even a candle on cold winter nights.


Constipation cured when the cat runs in

and the rat runs out.

No locks,

just scream and shout

when you pull up your kecks

and scamper out !


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The Golden Vision

( As requested by Dave Bradley.)



And we'd jump out of bed, get dressed

And bounce down stairs for our toasted bread


And rush to church for 9.o'clock mass

And when it finished we'd race to the field of grass


And dive about connecting with headers in every position

And pretend we were Alex Young, The Golden Vision


And we'd get full of mud ...

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Quarry Man

(This is based on 57 Beatles titles.)


A day in my life doesn't come cheap,

when your ticket to ride is opposite

a nowhere man.

Who looks as though he's been dragged

through a hedge backwards

from some Norwegian wood.


As the rain bounces down

and steams up the window of dreams.

I think of yesterday

when all my troubles seemed so far away.

I sink into my th...

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Don't stand in dog shit,

Don't eat yellow snow.

Avoid it....

Like people who call you

Mate or Bro.

And offer you the earth,

Fake friendships and visions of chill.




Don't fall for it.

Be strong, stand up,

Be brave, stand tall,

Box clever.

Don't let them feed off you

And have their fill.


It's easy to face your enemies,


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Look out for me, cos I could be......


A cloud floating by,

a ray of sunlight

in a clear blue sky.

An  autumn leaf

that flutters at your feet

or a burst of rain


on your window pane.


Listen out for me, cos I might be......


A message in a song,

a voice of experience

when things go wrong.

A crack of thunder,

a lighten...

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Going to sleep

          In a cloud of smoke

Floating in fluid

          Not wanting to choke


Has mum forgot

         I'm here?

Does she know

         My fears?


Please don't smoke

         That horrible stuff

Please don't (cough! cough!)

         I've had enough


So give me a chance

        For a clean start

And I'll pay y...

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He said he loved me

but I don't think he liked me.

Yeh, he sent me flowers

and things and showered


me with gifts and meals.

But that didn't make me feel

any depth

but maybe it kept


me dangling in hope.

But what a dope

me! You see

my shallow thoughts are for me,



I really don't want deep,

I don't want sleep

in o...

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Jib the road, dodge the cars,

blue lights scream, nee naw, nee naw.

The Dibble say there's been a robbery not far

from here, round the corner. A guy saw


two lads running away down the lane.

They took us in the car to the spot.

Hot, confused, we panic, give false names.

The guy said " No, these are not


the ones. But Dibble says " You're arrested."

and drive us a...

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