Trial & Tribulation

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Trial And Tribulation.


Blackness all around,

the depths of infinity.

They told me not to look.

A sixteen year old girl

told not to do something.


So I looked………


The slow twilight

as the sun began

to be devoured.

The ghostly stillness

of the cosmos

descending upon

Mother Earth, until,

it seemed,

the whole world

held its breath.


The animals stopped chattering

and cowered in their nests

as the golden globe of summer

sank behind a dark cloak.


My heart stood still……


Peering into the void

as stars and planets

prematurely sparked to life.

In holy reverence

we turned our faces

to the heavens

and at that moment

some of us were chosen.


The second dawn

of the same day broke,

eyes were averted

and the solar god

erupted into glory.

Breath exploded

from one and all.

Moments of rapture.


I stayed transfixed,


at the glory of the heavens.

Feeling it burn my retinas,

staring still,

challenging the fates.


For I was seeing Christ

hovering in the air

before my eyes.

His arms outstretched to me,

His peaceful features

imploring me to come

and stand at his side.

I reached out to embrace.



Burning Whiteness

all around.

When I next blinked

the darkness returned.


Four Riders

circling on

high powered bikes,

kicking up dust.

They smell corrupt

like dead things

long rotted

in the ground.

Flies circle them

and crawl upon

their leather clad


The stench

is that

of the grave.


One pale and hairless,

deep set, dark ringed eyes.


Another is skin and bone,

as dark as the night,

he wheezes wetly

and foams at the mouth.


Yet another,

strong and healthy,

his skin the hue

of amber. Almond eyes

full of hate and loathing.


The last is masked in muslin

stained with

the filth of disease,

weeping eyes staring

blankly from within.


Their names

Stained in blood

Upon their jackets







They reach towards us.

They want our lives and souls.

They are hungry.


What have we done?


As the bright blue laser

sweeps across my eyes

one from left to right

the other top to bottom

the damaged corneas

slowly fuse and heal

and in that cold light

of the cross

the riders are destroyed.


My eyes open.

Tears fall

down my cheeks.

I pray.


Do you believe?


For that is the starting point to salvation…

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Harry O'Neill

Fri 8th Nov 2013 22:21

Thanksfor the tip, Ian, (completely missed it)

And well spotted Dave!

And (in a pathetic attempt to retrieve myself) Ian, Why don`t you `re-christen` it `Eclipse` The body of the poem clearly says Trial and tribulation stuff clearly.

Isn`t it strange that - at times of absolute terror -
so very few people recall that they got a sudden temptation to become atheists?

<Deleted User> (6895)

Mon 4th Nov 2013 21:59

In Greece,those riders
are known as the four horsemen of the Acropolis.

just a little Parthenonic jest there Mr.W.
Ha H....we'll get our charity shop coats.

Good gear man!xx

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Dave Bradley

Mon 4th Nov 2013 14:16

It reads as if the recent eclipse sent your imagination cartwheeling into the Book of Revelation, Ian. I prefer the Beatitudes, even though the imagery is less vivid, but this is spectacular stuff. Not easy to perform, but it could be a show-stopper done right.

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Mon 4th Nov 2013 09:05

Wow! Full of vivid imagery. Amazing.

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 3rd Nov 2013 23:51

Intrigued by the two dawns and the two darks, also the apocalyptic `bikers` in what I take to be some sort of a spiritual `temptation`. to `believe`?

Aptly the `Pestilence, war, famine and death`come before the `what have we done?` (to deserve them?).This reminds me of something in St Paul about `convincing` ourselves of sin.

I know poets tend to go on a bit about this sort of stuff, but this one seems to be a bit near to the nerve.

You get all kinds of stuff thrown at you but in the end it is what you (choose) to believe.

Like me, probably the only pestilence, war, and famine you`ve experienced was the flu, evacuation, and rations. If you are tranquil about death long may you remain so (I`m terrified myself)

Kenneth Eaton-Dykes

Sun 3rd Nov 2013 22:46

In all my 83 years I've never harbored such disturbing thoughts.
Am I unique, naive, insensitive, or normal?

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