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Tuesday 5 November 2013.

As well as the poem below you can hear my song 'Guy Fawkes' Table', written in the Mother Shipton Inn in Guy's home town of  Knaresborough, at a table which had a plaque on it saying 'This table belonged to Guy Fawkes' - on the day ten years and a bit ago when the UK Labour Party voted to support Bush's illegal war in Iraq. A far more traitorous act than anything Guy Fawkes ever did.

 DISCLAIMER: I know GF was a Catholic fundamentalist nutter. I'm waving my 33 year old, 3000 gig stamped, dog eared  poetic licence :)

He rode on down from Knaresborough town
Claimed nothing for his fare
And when he got to Parliament
No taxpayer shelled out there
No moat had he, no duck island
No subsidised spouse porn
He had a faith deep in his heart -
The rest he held in scorn.

The bills incurred while in that place
He settled willingly.
For barrels, fuse and gunpowder
He asked no subsidy.
Let’s drink a lake of foaming ale
And pop a thousand corks
To one so rare in Parliament:
An honest man.........

Guy Fawkes.



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