Passion & Pleasure

Feather Bed


Softness envelopes you like a warm cloud

Sensuous touch brings us closer than skin

Time stops for almost endless moments as

We fly higher than the moon in the morning.


We are always good together methinks and

"Nothing can do us any harm"- like that song

We made out to from the White Album many

Years ago when you were just as beautiful

As you are today in our rumpled feather bed.





You lie in bed and close your eyes,

Your heart beats fast as you fantasise,

The restless feelings deep inside begin,

Hot as his fingers trace across your skin,

Over the hills and valleys his magic touch,

That exquisite burning fire you love so much,

Lips taste your passion wet musk perfume,

The urgent coaxing of the flower to bloom,

You lust on fire for him to take you over,

Thrust deep and bring you - oh so clever,

The thorns of pleasure - searing height,

As two are one and perfect is the night.



Last Night


All through the night she keeps you awake.


Her skin so soft as she sleeps in your arms,

Her breath so quiet as you hold her tight,

Her scream of pleasure as you come as one,

Her body on fire as you climb the hill,

Her heart beats fast with rhythm of love,

Her gasps of pleasure as you slip inside,

Her lips so hot as you kiss her so hard,

Her breasts so perfect in the act of love,

Her desire so strong as you feel her wet,

Her passion so wild as she strips for you,

Her love so perfect as you look in her eyes,

Her beauty so radiant as she smiles hello.


All through the night you remember last night.


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Wed 13th Nov 2013 17:19

Boudoir poems eh. Quite a unique genre I feel. So well compiled. Enjoyed.

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Tomás Ó Cárthaigh

Tue 12th Nov 2013 14:28

Three nice poems. Thanks for sharing...

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