One Night Of Romance

A young man with grace, charm and handsome good looks,
he had a way with the ladies like the chap in the 50 shades books,
cheeky and witty with a sense of humour so dry,
catching a glance of a beautiful woman's sexy smokey eyes,
in a moment he was stood there chatting right by her side,
his intention to court her he did not even think to hide.

The question he asked and so they took to the floor,
their da...

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A Life In Recovery

Recovery, there's more to it than an addiction,
my journey starts with a fierce gnawing of friction,
finding it difficult to find or offer up a reason,
just watching my life go by and changing with the seasons,
trying to pick up the shattered pieces bit by bit,
longing to rebuild life's jigsaw with every little that fits,
looking to lay down foundations and roots,
begging to have a future with every step...

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A Journey In A Lyric

You've not written a poem for a while now,
the thought dropped in on me last week,
your struggling to pick up that pen and paper,
an answer to you're creative block is what you seek,
you need to pull yourself together young man,
when did you become so wordshy and lyrically weak.

It's not at all like you to throw in the towel,
so pause for a moment and take a look back,
find the point where you're creation...

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My Stranger, My Saviour, My Friend

Alone in this room as the paper falls from the walls,

i shout, i scream but not a soul hears my call,

won't someone come save me, no-one at all??,

Bound by disillusion and fear, my body goes numb,

stomping of feet stops at the door, has someone really come??,

i'm begging, i'm praying, i'm hoping for dad or mum,

will i ever see my family again, will i ever return??.

Right there...

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Last Moments

~~I've lived a life that pales in the light,

friends and family have all come and gone,

battle scarred and war torn,

that light that once had shone,

spending my last hours here alone,

i contemplate my long life,

and the things i have done.

Rotting here in this old and decrepit body,

my mind wanders back to a time and place,

where in my day i was wonderful with grace,


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Zero to Hero

~~No education to speak of and brought up on the street,

knowing only how to play my bagpipes that earned me my keep,

playing for a different bed on those nights i could afford to sleep,

a young life filled with hardship and very little prospect,

nobody would employ but what more should i expect,

nothing to give and nowhere to go defeat i did almost accept.

Then news broke out th...

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Metanoia - A Glimpse Of My Journey

I remember the day my heart spoke to me, it cried out in a voice of pain.

Begging me, pleading with me, eventually persuading me, to take charge and make change to my life.

In a beat of that heart, my mind was changed.

I had crumbled at the realisation to what suffering I had caused myself and others around me.

I cried with hurt and remorse, with a serious aching, a sadness in my soul.


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A Falling Of Conciousness

Out of conciousness i fall,

reality is nothing but a vision,

no rhyme, reason or understanding,

finding answers must surely be my mission.


I find myself at great ease,

in this unknown time and place,

walking this strange little world alone,

no worries carried by disgrace.


Trying to find some sort of sign,

looking for a path to take,

i stumble ...

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A Day In The Life Of

People on the streets of my home,

begging for your spare change,

no-one knows who they are,

none of them can be named.


Living in gutters and slums,

in cardboard boxes they sleep,

all the money they collect,

buys drugs but nothing to eat.


On their own since they were young,

always desperate and alone,

trying to find a quiet place,

that they...

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Smiling Through Sunshine Rain

My heart is broken,

there's sadness in my soul,

my spirit is lost,

i really am less than whole.

With a weakness of mind,

and judgement so poor,

i'm falling apart inside,

of that i'm sure.

Is it an illusion,

as inside i scream,

nobody can hear me,

or so it would seem.

Crying out for help,

no-one answers my call,

it gets worse everyday,

with the farther i fall.

With heart that is hea...

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Faith In Humanity

We all have a meaning,

and a place to belong,

personality and character,

with a will that is strong.


We believe in ourselves,

with confidence and grace,

and know in this world,

we'll find our rightful place.


We will soar with the eagles,

its our path to choose,

we give everything we are,

as we have nothing to lose.


We have spirit...

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Delilah & Grace

Pond in the meadow,

where the brambles are,

we picked and named,

our two little stars.


Twins of dark skies,

so beautiful and profound,

sharing all you're love,

the world around.


They shone for us,

and danced in the night,

then guided us homeward,

by the pale moonlight.


As the moon starts to fall,

our stars say goodbye,


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Inner Demon

The devil he's in me,

he taunts me all the time,

pushing me harder,

so i'll cross the line.


He's ripped at my heart,

and brought me to tears,

he's corrupted my mind,

for far too many years.


It's hard to resist him,

even harder to say no,

but fight him i must,

if i am to grow.


He'll rule me no more,

he'll see that i'm brave,


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But Hey, Who Am I

But hey, who am I,
I am just a guy,
just a guy with advice,
who makes it sound nice,
makes it seem like sugar and spice,
but god only knows,
really what goes,
on in that brain,
or if even the blood flows,
your being rash too me,
i hope this you'll see,
and decide not too flee,
for the one that you love,
floats on your love like a dove,
and its there for all too see,

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The Old Bastards Will

My pen is running dry,

and my paper is running out,

i have only just started,

but i'll make it no doubt.


Estates, land and businesses,

houses, flats and money,

its all to be shared out,

but you wont find it funny.


I no you all too well,

your arguing like little bitches,

none of its for you lot anyway,

and so i wrote this in stitches.



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You betrayed my trust,

my heart you did break,

my innocence wasn't,

for you to take.


I was only a child,

were you so blind,

to what you were doing,

to my very young mind.


I lost the plot,

and went off the rails,

at one point i even,

ended up in the jail.


Those days are gone now,

because over you i am,

as i am still standi...

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The Devil And His Army

He delivers the last of his hanus orders,

whilst his army leaves his firey palace,

there he stands tall and proud,

blessing his soldiers with blood from his poison chalace.


He sends them forward with a mission of destruction,

Spreading chaos, hate, anger and fear,

showing us his clear and evil intent,

that our beautiful worlds end is near.


The devils ...

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One Million Broken Souls

We live in a world with,

one million broken souls,

many who are missing from,

they're family's lives and homes.


Most leave without a word,

dissapear without a trace,

wounding our gentle hearts,

a love no-one could replace.


Why would they leave us,

only they will know,

wish we had the chance to ask,

why they chose to go.


One milli...

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