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Sometimes I wish I

were a little more happy.

But I just feel

so darned sad.


Sometimes with myself I

get a little angry.

Sometimes I get

a little mad.


It's said to "Look

for the silver lining."

But all I see

is the dark cloud.


I try to quite

the uneasy voices.

But sometimes they are

just so loud.


Maybe someday my

mood won't be

so down.


Maybe I can

turn upside down

that sad frown.


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Nigel Astell

Mon 18th Nov 2013 16:04

Pass the chocs
play a tune
turn it up
dance only slightly
steady the beat
tap your shoe
munch to rhyme
suck the centre
open another box
now rock those
blues far away.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 14th Nov 2013 14:45

"Life can seem crappy
When you're not very happy;
But spare that resentment
And aim for contentment!
Remember - like sin
It comes from within
Be thoughtful and kind
And you'll win peace of mind -
and contentment!"
Oh - in the first line of the 4th verse: is "quite" meant to be "quiet"?
Best wishes.

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