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An acronym for this, an acronym for that.

RTA, road traffic accident, metal meat grinder

crushing pulping raw red flesh.

Watch the skies and blink twice, was that a UFO?

See the little green men loop their unidentified flying object,

of course you imagined it.

You should feel safe protected by NATO

from the enemy whoever he is.

Yet there i...

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GOTHIC STORM | EXILE | My Blade, My Life (by Mel) read live by me at scribble fest oldham 24/5/12 | Sunny 8 | THE OLD MILL | His Latest Flame/Fugitive | MISSILE LAUNCH | Warhearts | FORGOTTEN PROMISES | FREEDOM | MISTY WATERS | OUT/IN series of mad poems 2001 | Araboth | FIRE | Natalie. San Carlos Water and free download link | MAN-MADE MECHANIZATIONS | Natalie. Roberto | BURIED ALIVE |

abbreviationacronymfirst letterwords together

Posts To The Wire

Posts To The Wire


Ropes and chains flutter

And bars bend

In the breeze of imagination.

You rise

And water rises with you.

You breathe constancy

And the earth

Revolves beneath you.

You break the bread

Of humanity

And the earth is replete.


You. Forever out of reach

Are grasped by the snares of desire.


Tethered to thoughts


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Also by Peter Asher:

A short poem for a girl who lived for only 50 minutes |

JUBILEE JOY - welcoming our guests

Dear valued visitor...

So glad to see you here,

The warmest of warm welcomes

In this very special year -


When we celebrate a diamond Queen

Upon an ancient throne,

While Olympic gems will have a sheen

With royalty of their own.


Our land is proudly on parade,

Its capital playing host,

With traditions that will never fade

(Though it's not our...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:



Mr Gabardine Man

entry picture

(with acknowledgements to Bob Dylan)



Hey, Mr Gabardine Man

Give a flash for me

I’m not prudish so let’s see what God’s bestowing you.

And hey, Mr Gabardine Man

Give a flash for me

Don’t hide your dingle-dangle organ

They’re not following you.


Outside the Barnsley Empire

So proudly you would stand

With your chopper in your hand


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Also by John Coopey:

The Cart Belongs to Paddy | The Three Hulats | Tanaburs | Fergie, Fergie | Together |

Threshold bride


It stands the ground

Rock aligned to castle

Monstrous figure of a rise


Bell legends  of fog and mist lovers

What was there?

Is it an uncertain faith?


Go to sleep

What no speech


Form lady grey, no green   with evil eyes

Done and be done


She sits face to face

Sits on the company

Blade raised in vivid

She burns the w...

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Also by mark littler:

Time slip | Awake Liar Awake | Zennor Morning | He died in the Ark | helen is finally faceless | journey back | How the day is painted | Interior of an easy sitter | all things | after creation | A girl of the same expression | Catharina |

folklorelove poemmystic


Jesus haters Jesus lovers are all the same beneath the covers like Enola Gay moved oriental earth I play the shagging game for all I,m worth sailing seas and rivers of time until I,m dead into the black hole thats in my head a pattern of days dies with my soul when I used to be half,now I,m not half of whole the reaper huffed and puffed at my straw house life ...

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extract of thought

entry picture


...you change the world 

when casting a shadow;

to change it meaningfully

you need to move 

from out of the shadows.


everything has a purpose;

everything has a state.

it's purpose is to exist;

to be formed

by chance

or change of purpose.


without a purpose

'it' ceases to exsist,

and becomes something else.

the new purpose.


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Also by Tommy Carroll:

7000th comment wins | You do not hear my voice. | The Gaoler's daughter | A Lady's dismissal |

Passengers must not cross the line

Written coming into Stourbridge Junction 29th May 2012


Passengers must not cross the line

An epitaph for a lingering death of times occasionally sublime,

Travellers lovers and would be friends

Attempting to wander over fertile ground

Once so profound

Passengers must not cross the line.


By car, by train, by plain, by boat, adventurers in love.

In time,...

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One to Many Miles


I hate missing you,

missing in general,

once I missed a man.

Hazardous urges to ask

unanserable questions

to a blonde set of pigtails.


Then there was you and

opportunities to miss

were frequent and vast.

Left to my youthful devises

Monster Miss, ate my soul with

gnarly green stained teeth.


Years pass, and missing

ties with lo...

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Also by Johanna LaVon:

Two Queens, A liar, and the Fly | Call me up |


.......With my portrait of an image.

Derb calms it,

cleans it,

and while blocking all.

Derb claims it.


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Six Days

On the sixth day

I lost my.

Not in a ha ha way

not the good kind,

the crushed pink units

of powder seemed to

want me to leave

this place.

This death

wants me.


I thought no sleep would

make a writer

out of me

out of death


the world had an ending

I could not figure

and left me

shivering in the dark.

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Also by Kealan Coady:

Among Bone | Neverless | N |

On The Photo In The Newspaper


On the photo in the newspaper -

The soldiers, standing arm in arm,

The heroes of the World War II,

With smiles on faces and charm.


The photo was taken before a battle,

Before the guns began to rattle.

The sky was blue,

The grass was green,

The friends were true

The truest you have ever seen.


No one knows their names,

No one knows who...

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war poetry



The tree outside my window has got

its leaves back, obliterating my view

of the road. Big and plentiful and green,

their re-emergence means that now I

just have to suffer the noise of the mutant-

army that gathers and quarrels restlessly

with itself, before threatening to

smash-up the car belonging to the

Lithuanians who live somewhere to

the left of th...

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A.W. of Accrington

Well hello there,

 It has been a long old while since I last posted and lots has happened since my last post. I have a new job and am now officially a commuter which is inspiring a large amount of material as you can imagine. I have also had one or two tragic events happen which leads me to my latest entry.

 At the beginning of this month my Grandfather passed away after losing a long f...

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The Passenger

“I don’t think I need any of you”




They sit in the circle – each part with arms folded,

creased in. Cautious to the centre of the light -

behind them, their secrets close in sharp black.

By being together, a self absorbs the room –

moving in and out, like a breath finding sleep.



She speaks first, the one with the dumpli...

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Also by Marianne Daniels:

The Gaze | Pure | Drift Kindly | War Quiet |

Contents of War

                                   Contents of War



War, is a strange parody of life,

You live it as a soldier;

Beckoned by power be you brave

Or a coward,

It is much fought over this,

This human debacle that

Never relents,

Never goes away to tired

Quarters of history,

Much fought over by

Pacifist and Politician alike,

     Always a bar...

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Also by Noetic-fret!:

The Reality of What It Really Is | One 2 One | A Declaration of Truth | Saying Earth | A Yard Away | The Haunted Future | Porcelain |


Go There Get There Under Sheets

entry picture

Sex. Done it. A few times shorter than a moments passed. Come Quick. Newsflash! This just in...soon to be old news. Start practicing stamina, duration, length, self control and persistence. Sexual Human Beings. We are so sexual in every way. Try and stay away. Too tempting. Too hot. Too arousing. Too wet. Too slippery. Too dangerous. Butt, If it's with "the one" it'll be Too kool, Far out, groo...

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Also by MNtality:

Duties | We Miss You |


Go There Get There Under Sheets

entry picture

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The tool that put his hand

Up my missus’ skirt

Got put on his arse


Not by me

By her


Raised with six older


She demolished him

With one punch


I’d nipped to the bar

For a refill

And was gone maybe

Five minutes


When I returned

The prick was on his back

And a bit of

A crowd had gathered



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Also by mike watts:

86 Orion | Goldie | Sketching and Zeppelins | Repeat performance | Bring me sunshine | Cold case |

School time

(someone once bet me I couldn`t do a `Woman`s Own` poem)

(who couldn`t !)



Will you, Mary, when I ask,

Put that magazine away,

And Tommy, have you done the task

The teacher gave you yesterday?


And, Peter, where`s that jar of ants

You said were for biology?

Keep them out of Tommy`s pants

Or else you`re going to hear from me.


Here`s o...

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entry picture

'performance'  - maybe, 'poetry' - not.  Audio inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest and a few pints, with music by 3-fingered George.



I'm sitting on a tractor seat
loading bales of straw,
with spool-valves at my fingertips,
dusty eyes rubbed raw.

There's seven hundred more to cart
but thunder's in the air;
and many hours work ahead
before the field is ...

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A Garland of White Roses

entry picture

Back again

Head down

Scrubbing the ball

furiously on his flannels


A little sweat off the brow

onto the hand


onto the ball


Four men up close

A scowl at the batsman


Hawke goes forward

and he’s caught


Cowdrey swooped at it

Up went Trueman

Up went the crowd

Stood to him

Cheered him


And as Hawke wal...

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Another poem of mine was used

I have found another one of my poems "A Mime Rhyme" on at least 3 websites that does not give me credit.

I am so frustrated. Can't people make up thier own rhymes without using mine? I am a litte flattered that this particular poem is so popular. But come on it's cute but not that great.

This makes me want to stop putting my poems on the web. I got so frustrated that I posted this poem ...

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Also by Shirley Smothers:

A Mime Rhyme | The Darkness | A Nicked Poem | Non Traditional Haiku about my Poem | Haiku about a Stolen Poem | Someone has stolen my poem |

Struggles Today

entry picture

Struggles today with thought,

And feelings.

Perception is a looking glass,

merely seeing albeit, believing.

Life changes me,

trying to morph into such changes.

Adapt - transform - become - actualize.

Soul screaming before my eyes. 

Accept me as I am,



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Also by Gina Bullard:

Grieving My Father |



Tonight you are spare - on the threshold
of being old and new. Two walls
stripped bare, blue paper giving way
to yellow paint beneath.

The room’s split in half. Where I’ve been
too heavy with the scraper I hit concrete,
gouge it, leave it dull, grey. Tonight,
in the electric light, it glisters, winks

becomes a map of continents surrounded
by a yellow sea. Somewhere acro...

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Also by Abegail Morley:

Circumnavigate |

Nuclear Cradle Song

entry picture

Nuclear Cradle Song


Bye, baby, bye

Cry, baby, cry

You cry so do I.

My tears have all run dry.

So cry, baby, cry


Cry, baby, cry

Bye, baby, bye

No use in asking why

Our dreams fell from the sky.

So cry, baby, cry, baby, cry.


Bye, baby, bye

Cry, baby, cry

No one to hear you cry.

No one to hear us try.

Oh, cry, baby, cry,...

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Also by Yvonne Brunton:

Kitchen - Made | House Hunting |


Innocent Memories

As a child life was sweet friends playing footy in the street,

Holidays to far off places, Ice cream, rock and candy laces,

See the waves come racing in crashing over sandcastles, splattering,

Get yourselves dried are you too tired for Donkey trekking along the shoreline,


I remember days like this when girls would blush and steal a kiss,

In front of mates this isn't do...

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I'm sitting waiting on a South West Train
You can spoil your day if forced to constantly complain
Can't open the window
Can't use the loo
The air conditioning
Recycles smells of poo
Everyones reading or shutting their eyes
We've all been mugged off
It's simple and plain
I've been ripped off again
To no surprise
Yes - I've been ripped off
In ...

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Dales Pictures

Wensleydale, Swaledale and Nidderdale,dwell

Up in the North under mountain and fell

While Wharfedale and Airedale settle, more southern

Than the bleak bare uplands of remoter cousins.


Here, cottongrass, deergrass, heath-rush and sedge

Bow fuzzy heads by the chill water's edge

As tadpole, natterjack, newt, toad and frog

Swim, squirm and slither in the soft sphag...

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Also by C Richard Miles:

Bowers Row Second-hand Memories | Mayday Mourning |

A Map


I carry a music inside me –


It is a quiet wind that shows me

where I am.

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Little bohemia in Warwick


Remember these times

He urged me earnestly

Does he know that

I lived a dream in one afternoon?

Everything I ever desired

And hoped for came together

In one climatic peace


The empty bottles stand proud

Brimming with translucent love

Wisps of heavenly smoke

dance and tease the air

that surrounds us

Unable to write

I live


© ...

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Also by Katy Megan Hughes:

Extra Hot, Extra Wet, Extra Shot | First Night | Echo (aka In response to the infamous You Tube performance) | Popping the loveberry |


Leaping like calves

entry picture

Once, a young fresher was reading the rules, and was
        more than perplexed at the place where they state:
"All undergraduates, if they are Anglicans,
       must be in chapel each Sunday at eight."
Racking his brains, he began a small rumour that
       spread through the town on the weekdays that followed; he
was not an Anglican, nor Nonconformist; his
       faith and reli...

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Also by Marnanel Thurman:

Fury said to a fish |

No Pansies (for Charlotte)



In a world full of clumsy-coloured periscopic petals,

we floated macaroons inside             

a covered                    




She drank her bubbled wine through a flock of flower stems,

drew spoofs of Dodgson’s arty facts            

on spines of





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Also by Laura Taylor:

Prism in Shade |




Do you ever wake up thinking why am I here,

Those seconds of doubt with that tingle of fear,

That realisation that for all that your worth,

You’re simply a drain on this wondrous earth.


A wasp you might say has no purpose at all,

Annoying and stripy, pathetically small,

But always our reasons and rationings fail,

For life like the wasp ha...

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An’ when dem mark

dis special relationship

an’ when dem march

as if all Englan’ cliffs

stand still

beneath a feet


mek a sky dark hot

mek a sun down burst

mek a moon drink deep

off a sea  

an’ let it drown up

Carnation Street

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Until It Sounds Like Jazz

entry picture

photo credit: Bill Cottman 

Until It Sounds Like Jazz

Nihilism compromises jazz

Bloodstream and fault lines

Trap us in layers of inherited attitudes

And ancient expectations

Dynasties of dubious repute

Align with catastrophe



And the struggles of oppressed peoples

The rapping of the Earth

And too many beautiful blunders to count

My life is pr...

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Also by J. Otis Powell‽ (with interrobang):

Is This Love (Revised) |

Torch Song

entry picture

On the day of the royal wedding (29th April 2011) and on the day before, the police arrested dozens of people pre-emptively. People who had not committed any crimes were arrested, often handcuffed, and detained in police cells.  – News Report

I’d like to race in the ‘Lympics
But I’m guessing I must stay put
Because I’m in a wheelchair - 
I have no athlete’s foot

I’d like to jump in ...

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Patience | Invisible Mending |

First impressions

The first time I saw you I thought oh shit,

What have I done, which way is the exit?

You never mentioned your grey streaked beard,

Although I was prepared for plain weird.

But while eccentric is to be expected,

It’s unusual to be GT85 scented,

Poker faced, surly and lycra encased

Oh heaven help me escape here post haste.


But I’m polite, a goody two shoes,


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Two ladies, late eighties: one flicking

the pages of Majesty magazine

to pass the time, but still a believer;

the other preparing to sail down

the Thames in a royal barge. 


Yachts, palaces, castles, state visits,

breakfast cereal in Tupperware cartons.

Happy holidays in the Isles of Scilly,

bereavement, confusion, incontinence.


One paid her care home fees by se...

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..... 'YOUR TRUE LOVE' .....

entry picture

.... Our body language speaks many words,

for it cries out,

but not be heard ...

 'Love' is strong and true with in,

emotions are real and fresh from sin!

 We live each day in our own way,

we strive to succeed come what may ...

 Our human nature is wild and true,

our mind rules over what we do ...

  Do we know what lies ahead,

for life's a mystery it has ...

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Also by Lesley Whittaker:

.... 'HER GRADUATION' .... |

ThePoetry Spoke - Open Mic Night - Guests, Laura Taylor & Bob Kettle!

entry picture

'ThePoetry Spoke'

Great poetry and acoustic music

This Tuesday - 22nd May- doors open 8pm


La Gondola

22a Liscard Crescent

Wallasey- The Wirral

CH44 1AE (a stones throw over the Mersey from Liverpool)

Check us out in the gig guide...


Our Guest Poet

'Wols own, Best of Manchester poet 'Laura Taylor'

Laura's poetry pulls no punches, hard hitting...

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Also by Chris Co:

Wirral Ode Show Open mic & poetry filming. | Right Thinking |

Too Bad the World Doesn't Revolve Around Me?

So...What is it today ?

Who's next?

Will you accept me or reject me?

Nobody truly wants me for the form of existence that I am

I know I am not perfect

I have feelings

How does one live without these things?

Is it wrong for me to want what I cannot have?

I am only human

I am probably so human that I allow my own vulnerabilities transform me into an abomination


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Robin Hood Book Manchester Launch

Robin Hood Book Manchester Launch


Entry: Free

Open Mic Event

Contact: ushiku.crisafulli@googlemail.com

I am pleased to announce that Ashton Library will be host to the Manchester launch of the Robin Hood Book, a poetry anthology alongside the Robin Hood Campaign analysing, celebrating and discussing various social issues of importance.

There will be readings from Ushiku ...

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Also by Ushiku Crisafulli:

10 Day Countdown/Robin Hood Anthology Manchester Launch |

Alan MorrisonJusticeRobin Hood BookRobin Hood Taxsocial commentarySociety



None of the class could put their uniform

on in under a minute, fit their gas masks


and speak in a BBC accent. Two ran off

to explore World War Two but got lost


in the Blitz. Boys cooed at machine gun

nests and gagged at the taste of canned beef,


mistaking it for mustard gas. Everyone

laughed at the tour guide's rendition


of "Oh! It'...

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poetrywarworld war one

Grief Stricken

entry picture

Despair creeps through

My soul,

A scream is trapped

In my throat,

Why did you have to go?


My heart swarms with regret,

For all the things I should have done,

And never said.


My head spins, relentlessly, 

With memories of you and me, ,  

You , always giving.. 

Helping, selflessy....


Did I ever thank you?

Express how much you ...

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Also by Lucy:

The Recovery of Faith | Cupid's spindle | To My Love... |


I was at St. Mary's, attending the hymns and prayers,

My friend, now gone. The first funeral I've ever attended,

The readings, Lazarus' rise and the promise made,

Seemingly absurd,

"I am the resurrection and the life,

The one who believes in me will live,

even though they die;

and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.

Do you believe this?”

My thoug...

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Also by Joshua Van-Cook:

The Night | Thoughts for a funeral | The Station | Through the window |

The Tory Press And The Loony Left


Warning - political rant - inspired in part by Chris Co's poem, Right Thinking - just my view of course!


I don’t think much of the Conservative press,

I think they are responsible, more or less

For indoctrinating normal working folk

Into wearing their tallest and saddest joke

That voting Tory is the way to go,

When workers’ foe is Cameron and co.

They con...

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Also by Lynn Dye:

Forgotten Hero | Suspicion |

Ullswater Requiem (7)


VII Libera me A Prayer  

Let me drop a pebble to that surface

and watch its ripples run out perfect

and see a fish rising from the depths,

a pebble cast by water into sky,

and thos two rings meeting, interfering,

intermingling, intersecting but still perfect,

each still unbroken in its way:

A criss-cross message of place and time.


Believe. We ...

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Also by Mike Smith:

Ullswater Requiem (6) | Ullswater Requiem (5) | Ullswater Requiem (4) | Ullswater Requiem (3) | Ullswater Requiem (2) | Ullswater Requiem (1) |



New  blog up an running have a look  http://velvetmedia.wordpress.com 

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