No Pansies (for Charlotte)



In a world full of clumsy-coloured periscopic petals,

we floated macaroons inside             

a covered                    




She drank her bubbled wine through a flock of flower stems,

drew spoofs of Dodgson’s arty facts            

on spines of




We sat outside on pincushions; Hensonites by trade

Proceeded to sow seeds of doubt

upon the




I fancied clumsy-pansy soup for our Sunday bruncheon

so Lottie went a-lookin in      

a book she

said was



But all she found were fallow fields and talking tigerlillies

So came back home, with empty hands

confessed in

shame and



“I correct myself, o Laura dear,

 there are no pansies there”






(written to include the line “I correct myself, there are no pansies there”, a comment Charlotte Henson made on facecrack during a discussion about pansies, and Lewis Carroll.  It tickled me so much I had to pinch the line, and this was the result heh)


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Laura Taylor

Wed 30th May 2012 15:42

Hey, cheers fellas

I have no idea what you mean by "its internal logic maintains its integrity", Richie, but I like it ;D

Steve - yeh, one of the first lines I thought of that - no idea where THAT came from ha :D (think I was channelling Victoria Wood or sommat!)

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Martin Peacock

Wed 30th May 2012 11:41

Oh, do I like this! Yup, very much so. Not 'just' a bit of whimsy but crafty nonsense [not to be confused with 'absence of sense'] - its internal logic maintains its integrity. Primo, Laura.

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Laura Taylor

Wed 30th May 2012 09:00

Harry - you don't need to really, understand it I mean. It's just a bit of whimsy that I wrote on the spot.

Cheers - good to see you too!

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Harry O'Neill

Thu 24th May 2012 16:56

(You`ll be pleased to know I don`t understand a word of this)

Suitably bewildering, I liked the shape of it...till the end.

Good to have heard you live on Tuesday.

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