OUT/IN series of mad poems 2001




So we went out to see a film, with cars and music:

The Fast and The Furious. It’s like old times, you know,

Nick and Deb, when we had that thing.

Now the film ends and we go to your house,

reality hits home in the usual way.

The bloke you met sends you a text “Hello beautiful…”

and then I know it’s time to leave.

The trauma starts as I realise, this is it,

it’s finally over and I have to move on.









I walk down to the road in the dying day,

as my heart cries and my brain collapses.

Dave likes you and I go to a club, to meet

a girl and get over me and you.

But all I do is to get pissed and have a dance

to old music, all on my own.

In my own lonely kingdom, where I rule by myself.

How has this happened, the loss of what we had?

When we were a couple, a real happy couple?

Maybe never, my brain cries to bring me down

to earth. How can it work

when you have three screamin’ kids?






So I had to be with you after watching Lost in Space,

it was the damned robot and it having a heart.

Away to the pub I hurried to be with you

and to banish my loneliness.

Sadly it wasn’t to be as Jo stole your attention

and you ignored me.

So I went home, lonely and upset,

as other eyes sought you and took note.







Dave was his name and he plays rugby,

he wants to see you and share a drink with you.

Will that be all you share, as you see him every Thursday?

I know how these things work, two months as mates

“See you next Thursday Deb…” and then

you’re suddenly lovers.

He noticed me, the week before, needing to be with you.

Patience was his game and yourself was his cause

as he hatched his little plans.

Now he will think, when will she be mine?

I know it will work. All it takes is a little time.






I now wonder, why it’s always this way the broken

heart and failed romance, it’s Nick and Deb.

Maybe now you know, I love you so

and I will pine away forever.

How can it have come to these silly games,

me putting an ad in this paper?

You have your Dave and so many more,

so will fate grant me a reprieve?

Will fate laugh and kick me when I’m down

or help me and make me strong?

All I know is that I want my life sorting

and no more emotional trauma.

be friendshead fucklifenew love interestsnick and deb split up

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