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On the day of the royal wedding (29th April 2011) and on the day before, the police arrested dozens of people pre-emptively. People who had not committed any crimes were arrested, often handcuffed, and detained in police cells.  – News Report

I’d like to race in the ‘Lympics
But I’m guessing I must stay put
Because I’m in a wheelchair - 
I have no athlete’s foot

I’d like to jump in the ‘Lympics
I’d wear my new pullover
If I thought there was the slightest chance
Of meeting “Fee-up-and-over”

I’d like to dive in the ‘Lympics
But it could be a pain
Cos’ I’d have to be para-plegic
And I don’t even own a ‘plane!

I’d like to swim in the ‘Lympics
Ambitions, I sure gottem:
But sadly, metal does not float,
And I’d end up on the bottom!

I’d like to compete in the ‘Lympics
Despite all the problems and bugs
And every day I’d strain, and train,
By taking a cocktail of drugs!

I rather think that the ‘Lympics
Are a bit of a waste of space
Until and unless we disableds
Can rejoin the human race
Cause it seems to me at the moment
That patriotism is rife
But it don’t extend to the ill and the poor
Who are struggling with everyday life
It’s OK to cheer on our athletes
It’s OK to wave at the Queen
But it might just get you arrested
To say that great wealth is obscene
‘Cause some in this land are speeding ahead
Without any handicap
While the rest of us are left plodding behind
And bearing their burdens through crap
I’ve had my fill of the ‘Lympics
Let alone the para-sequel
I don’t know why we should celebrate
When things are so unequal
So here’s an idea for the ‘Lympics,
For you would-be torchbearers to learn;
Use it to set fire to Parliament,
And then watch the buggers burn.

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