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...you change the world 

when casting a shadow;

to change it meaningfully

you need to move 

from out of the shadows.


everything has a purpose;

everything has a state.

it's purpose is to exist;

to be formed

by chance

or change of purpose.


without a purpose

'it' ceases to exsist,

and becomes something else.

the new purpose.

it can be found in 

the new thing-

that is its new purpose...


inside the plaster's crack

the inside sees 

a crack of light.

and so it goes on.


we draw a line across eternity

and at some point

matter and time

have succumed,

have realised  

a kink in the continuum-

that aberration is you.

and in times twist-

you're gone.


words and foto T Carroll

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Katy Megan Hughes

Mon 4th Jun 2012 17:36

really enjoyed this one, along with your other work...


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Tommy Carroll

Fri 1st Jun 2012 01:44

@Harry: I like to play with words, I bend them, I twist them, I play with them as a child would play with a fly in a glass jar - pulling off a wing or two.
PURPOSE is used ironically and is meant as a consequence of the existence of the thing itself (there is no purpose)
KINK is the emergence of humanity, that as of yet is a solitary event. This event is the 'kink' in the time-line.
I agree with you on BILLION TRILLION as awkward, I thought so even as I wrote it, but used it to remind me of the need for a replacement.

@Graham: Thanks- I think therefore I thank.

@Yvonne: Thanks, but I'm not complaining. :o)

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Harry O'Neill

Thu 31st May 2012 22:25

Agree that it`s a fine first stanza.

`Purpose` takes for granted an end game and therefore a direction (and a director?) And a `kink` - even in a continuum - is a discrete event.

The awe inspiring `across eternity` `billion trillion` and `nano second` is out of kilter
with the intentionality of `purpose`.

And Yvonne,
Don`t be so humble! Google is harvesting millions of presences all over the world, (together with their sales potential) and that technology has only just started. Rest assured that `creation` won`t have any registration problems.

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Graham Sherwood

Thu 31st May 2012 15:12

Great first verse Tommy. A thinker!

Regards, Graham

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Yvonne Brunton

Thu 31st May 2012 00:21

yes you are right. Of what importance are we in the great scheme of things? How can creation even register our presence within its own timescale?

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