One day there will be a city built from the ashes of a nuclear war that killed 6 billion people. A city built to hold a million but they’re all dead ’cause of the war.

So only twenty thousand live there, in defiance of what they have all done.

For Mother Nature will strike them down and take Her revenge against Man,

for what he has done to Her only pearl. Araboth will die and so will its people whose forefathers have done this to the world.

Their final master will be a tidal wave two miles high, instant death…

arabothdeath from the seadomed cityearthquaketidal wave


OUT/IN series of mad poems 2001 ►


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nick armbrister

Mon 7th May 2012 22:41

hi Mike well its a city in a book called aestival tide by elizabeth hand. chase it ip if you can on amazon. a good read. lets hope it never happens yes:)

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Mon 7th May 2012 21:42

Good grief Nick, and here's me thinking my wordage was too negative! Aye man aye, I can particularly understand the line that mother Earth will seek her revenge, it is appalling what man has done to her and I for one inwardly weep at that.

Nice one, but let's hope this does not happen, that man catches himself before he goes further.



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