Fergie, Fergie

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(Originally posted last year after the Champions League Final but commemorating the Final of 2009 which they lost 2-0 to Barcelona.  I just couldn't resist).



Fergie, Fergie, the Spaniards have shafted you

They went through your back four like a Manchester vindaloo

So don’t be a moaning Jonah

You lost to Barcelona

Don’t suck on your teat

Accept your defeat

‘Cos they hammered you nothing to two.


Fergie, Fergie, I’ll sing you this sweet refrain

Barca’s won the Champions League again

So keep your tired excuses

Giggsy was worse than useless

You’d be better off

Without Berbatov

Back with Tottenham at White Hart Lane.


Fergie, Fergie, I know that you’re bound to survive

You’ve got some way though to catch up on Liverpool’s Five

The time when history beckoned

You only managed second

To give him his due

Cloughie got two

There’d been more if he’d still been alive.


Fergie, Fergie, try not to curse and swear

There’s not much red in Roma but don’t despair

Your fans have all hidden their red strip

For making their homeward bus trip

But you spot a red

By the nob on his head

And not by the shirt that he wears.

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Yvonne Brunton

Wed 16th May 2012 22:52

Thank God I don't like football. But as a mancunienne with a foot in both camps I can currently claim 'We won! We won!. Te he. xx

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winston plowes

Mon 14th May 2012 22:56

And yet he was gracious in defeat.

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Harry O'Neill

Mon 14th May 2012 21:17

I want to gloat John but I can`t. I`m too busy
hiding from all my Evertonian mates.

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