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Cynthia Buell Thomas on Winter's debate with spring (Mon, 17 Jun 2013 12:17 pm)

For Todd - in winter


In the hour of not-quite blue

your long, lean, lithe form,

your back,

finally at rest,

next to me.

My hand finds

the soft, silent curve,

the indent of your waist,

and slides


seeking its place

wrapped round your masculine pride

like an infant’s grasp

holding on




You are not a guardian angel

but you protect me:


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love poem

A Slipper in the Sand

A slipper in the sand

I sleep

I slip into

As each wave passes quietly beneath me.

An imprinting

Not unlike a mold.

Who poured mine?


A slipper in the sand

I sleep

I slip into

A musical drape of living liquid removing.

A mystery of millennia

Conducting flute and fiddle

Beneath my flesh.


The deeper I go the smaller I feel.

I slip in and

What w...

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In the ground I sit



On the ground I stand



In dreams 

I am full of hips that sway side to side

Full of my own soul

Full of my weeping

Full of knowing.


Someone tries to take a scalpel to my curves –

Chop them off

Surgically remove them -

Angry that I represent 


the living breathing Earth,

swaying and undulating unde...

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zen anger gaia

Winter's debate with spring


So quiet and peaceful

the snow


The monochrome light

shimmering on late

crystaline forms


The seasons



press their agendas


Winter does not wish to


Spring fears

the responsibility of birth


The snow settles quietly

into nightfall.


Morning tells.


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A Map


I carry a music inside me –


It is a quiet wind that shows me

where I am.

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