Popping the loveberry

Popping the loveberry


Amongst nettles and brambles

I’m a jittery shambles

As you shepherd me through

A dusty picnic blanket

Nothing else to eat

 Suppose I’d better start on you


Emotional lightening struck

And I just couldn’t fuck

Not like what I’ve been used too

All experience then must

have duly been flushed

down Hatton café’s only loo


Bewildered and amused

Clumsy and confused

Sounding a death knoll of truth

Now there is no turning back

Egos exposed and attacked

Innocence returns in lieu


Blood purple fruit snatched

Crushed hard in our hands

Juice seeps over skin anew

We lie and hungrily feast

  On the love from the beast

that drips warily out of you


© Katy Hughes 2012

hatton locksoak tree

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 7th May 2012 18:18

Brill! muchly.

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