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Love in an open wound


I sat beside you on that fateful day,

As they sutured your wrists in A&E,

Their failure to keep you safe,

Was no failure of ours or me,


For try as we may to get you help,

Their ears were as deaf as their eyes,

Now we sit..... in our tortured state,

In the hollow your passing creates,


You will always be with us inside our hearts,

For as long as our minds wi...

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Tone of Life

Life - like the sound of a bell

Bold at first but fades to a whisper

Who would be the one to tell

Perhaps a mother brother or sister,


Past your peak and gone to seed

Your realisation is sudden it would seem

Most of life sat in thought

Just idle dreams of what could have been,


The recognition of this phase of being

Propells you forward with purposeful meaning


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Casual exterior hides the mind

In restless turmoil can't unwind

Ask the question, take a chance

Would i warrant a second glance,


Could you? Would you? Let me please

Sit beside you, give hugs that squeeze

Kiss, caress and hold you tight

Explore eachother through the night,


Walk along a moonlit shore

Bared feet, bared hearts, souls entwined

The free expression...

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The last Act

Billy Bog owned a frightful dog

Lucifer was his name

With short cropped hair and fangs all bared

Locals called beware as they ran off scared,


As Billy strutted down the street

In his big baggy T-shirt and big flat feet

A frail old lady was hobbling by

Her pension clutched tightly by her side,


Billy, concerned by his lack of cash

Decided to give the old girl a b...

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Skid row

In the land of no tomorrow's

On the street of long goodbye's

A lone man sits on a suitcase

With a long breath out he sighs,


Oh Lord please don't forsake me

Oh father hold my hand

Give me the strength and courage

To make it to the promised land,


I may look like a Bum to you

Or roadkill on your boot

But, not so very long ago

I was a good man in a suit,



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The Journey

Run, run catch my breath, if I'm not there I'm good as dead,

Pacing station platform rooms, wondering if the birth has bloomed,

Changing platforms, changing trains, standing soaked in pouring rain,

Final stop is almost here, bursting out with all her gear, bags of this and bags of that,

Kitchen sink and family cat,

Up the hill and through the park, feeling vulnerable in the dark,


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Innocent Memories

As a child life was sweet friends playing footy in the street,

Holidays to far off places, Ice cream, rock and candy laces,

See the waves come racing in crashing over sandcastles, splattering,

Get yourselves dried are you too tired for Donkey trekking along the shoreline,


I remember days like this when girls would blush and steal a kiss,

In front of mates this isn't do...

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  In your presence, As though enriched in rays of golden sunshine, My Soul bathed in the beauty of your smile, Though, I die with each rejection, I crave your softness, as I drown in a sea of loneliness. (C)Copyright Paul Letch 2007 alias: Murky Pool publishing Ltd

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Field Of Evermore


Pipe and drum herald the warriors wrath
As though through mists of time,
Like ghosts and spectres, a nations strength amassed
upon the dawn,

"Onward unto glory" a leaders chance to call,
And raise all spirits beyond point of reason,
Until one by one they fall,

And pray well... for strewn to four horizons,
Our fallen hero's lay just bones and flesh laid bare,


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The groans abound these sceptic isles,

Little sign of laughter or gaping smiles,

For government has long since spent,

The funds from taxing even what is Lent,

Statesmen like they may portray,

Albeit visually,

For who but the Village fool, would sell utilities to a foreign crew,

Now that cunning wolf scratches at the doors,

Even though he was beaten in two world wars,

Putting on the fin...

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The Winner By Far


My language flows as from rivers and stars,
Expanding, decreasing, our lives to enlarge,
My mellow, my anger, my loving, my lust,
The things in my life in which I can trust,

In all of my toils, my wins and my fails,
My language has grown to a full set of sails,
It leaps over buildings, flies beyond stars,
Walks across water, stands upon Mars,
It cradles a baby, weeps tears when I'...

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Beneath the cold exterior,
Within the darkness of my heart,

Electrical impulses stirring,
My program file to start,

Cool breeze rushes through me,
My fans as though to applaud,

Master of my universe but,
The user controls my board,

Or so you would believe,
For day by day the congregation grows,
To gather at my feet,

My net extends beyond all shores,
World domination complete !
Copyright ©2009 Paul ...

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Straining my ears for the slightest sound,
Yet it colours everywhere, splashes to the ground,
As your over emotional outburst peaks,
With cumulus congestus and Brimstone abounding,
Your shreiks like shards harpooning my surroundings,

I bleed profusely in contorting gushes,
But the only thing visible are my own enveloped
Blushes, You hang and you hawk on every word,
As though being...

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Talk to me


Talk to me, remember? Like when you broke a heel,

The day that he came to you and I said he wasn't real.

You shy away yet shout abuse, words spitting in my face,

Your strap slipped from your shoulder and it ended the embrace,


Wildly, while I plead for calm, You rush to be with him,

Spinning, then crashing, the sound deafening,

If only I could rip the keys, from your cla...

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Perceptual Sense

Cold, Bitter chill,
Loved, But lonely still.
Smiling, On the outside but,
Inside, Shattered, torn apart,
Damaged, Though hard as steel,
Moving, Yet standing still,
Yearning, For all that's nice,
Loving, yet cold as ice,
Working, For all that's good,
Knowing, But misunderstood,
Calm, While life falls apart,
Hopeful, Of a second chance,
Feelings, Reduced to tears,
Struggle, For so many years,
Winning, I wish I...

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Woven Threads of Life

We wake beneath the spangled stars,
You on Jupiter, Me on Mars,
Linked by just a silken thread,
Who knows which path of life we'll tread,

Misty memories of times long past,
Like grains of sand in an hour glass,
Scars abound from lessons learned,
Pain of life or love that's spurned,

We wake beneath the spangled stars,
You on Jupiter, Me on Mars,
Now raise a glass to all bar none,
Friends reunited und...

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Your Kingdom - My Home

I stand upon the surface of life,
It beckon's my indulgence,
if only for a fleeting glimpse,
No more than a moment,
It tempts and how it teases,
All who stand around me,
With visions, the like I'd ne'er seen,
Such Beauty, Strife and Violence.
Copyright ©2009 Paul Letch Alias: Murky Pool Publishing Ltd

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Queen of Hearts

Our lives are overshadowed,
Our hearts are filled with grief.
This nation stands with heads bowed,
Numbed in disbelief.

The queen of hearts is dead now,
Long may her memory reign.
A great ambassador to the world,
We all now share the pain.

Her radiance brighter than any sun,
Extinguished by the cruel and greedy.
Laughter, love, compassion for everyone,
Especially the sick and n...

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