A.W. of Accrington

Well hello there,

 It has been a long old while since I last posted and lots has happened since my last post. I have a new job and am now officially a commuter which is inspiring a large amount of material as you can imagine. I have also had one or two tragic events happen which leads me to my latest entry.

 At the beginning of this month my Grandfather passed away after losing a long fight with Cancer. I'm sad to say that we had a distant relationship although never strained, for many reasons, the main one being distance. Unfortunately my Great Aunt also passed away earlier this year, her's was the first death I have known in my family since my birth. Add to that the passing of my Cat who lived a long and happy life, dying at the age of 22 (I got him as a kitten when I was six) so I am at present cursing this year. 

But anyway that's enough of my troubles, here's my latest Poem, written on the train home just this evening in memory of my Grandad.



A. W. of Accrington


Memory of silver hair and thick rimmed glasses

Northern smile and sharp wit

Never a frown

Image cast in lomographic mind

Hazy and full of feeling


Steam trains pull away past ancient ruins

A search for ice cream

lasting an eternity

Loving wife by side

Shared uniforms always neat


Later unimpressed by my choice of audio stimulus

But glad of musical passion

A musician in his day

New adventure discovered late

Talented with a brush


Thought turns to recent encounters

Silver hair still thick

Body becoming fragile

Evil curse eating away 

A cancer too aggressive


Now a funeral attended too soon

Dreams of a great man

All that remains

Even now though disovery made

A keen sportsman in youth


A sad day for family and friends

A life lost before its time

Congregation lifted by tales

A strongmans faith

A legacy of flesh and vision


Procession of flag and car

Before consumation to ground

My Grandfather

Gone from the Earth

But eternal in me






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winston plowes

Wed 30th May 2012 22:08

Hi Matt, good to see you on these pages again, and to see your words of course. Win

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Julian (Admin)

Wed 30th May 2012 15:13

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about your granddad, A.W. Nicely put.

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