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School time

(someone once bet me I couldn`t do a `Woman`s Own` poem)

(who couldn`t !)



Will you, Mary, when I ask,

Put that magazine away,

And Tommy, have you done the task

The teacher gave you yesterday?


And, Peter, where`s that jar of ants

You said were for biology?

Keep them out of Tommy`s pants

Or else you`re going to hear from me.


Here`s our Julie! `Hello chuckles,

Did my darling sleep okay?`

Tommy stop! I`ll rap your knuckles!

Put that water-gun away.


Comb your hair now, wash your faces,

Eat your corn-flakes, drink your tea,

Has everybody tied their laces?

Do your coats up properly.


Mary, straighten up your bows,

Kiss the baby, close the gate,

Quick! Before the school bus goes,

Hurry up, you`ll all be late.


Wave bye bye pet. Where`s your dummy?

That`s them gone love, now we`re free,

Let`s go in, and you and mummy

Have a lovely cup of tea



(Mind, I`ve been a bit worried about myself ever since)




julie thompson

Tue 10th Jul 2012 22:40

Grandad one of my favorite poems of yours can I use it in my Family Matters course work please your favorite tatty headed granddaughter Julie :D X X X

<Deleted User> (10423)

Sat 16th Jun 2012 00:33

I coudnt have put it better myself. Right, I better get on with me ironing...

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Lynn Dye

Wed 6th Jun 2012 23:41

Great stuff, Harry - enjoyed this, I liked Joyce Grenfell too. :)

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Laura Taylor

Wed 30th May 2012 15:57

Ha Yvonne - I came here to say it reminded me of Joyce Grenfell (loved her monologues).

Harry - if you read this you have to do it in a simpering falsetto, okay? ;D

<Deleted User> (6315)

Tue 29th May 2012 09:10

Oh now harry! I am not going to look at you in the same light again! Do you get your laces checked too? This is a woman's own delight! :)

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Yvonne Brunton

Mon 28th May 2012 23:18

shades of Joyce Grenfell,Harry. delightful and I could feel myself nodding at echoes from my past. Women's Own do not knowwhat they're missing.

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Martin Peacock

Mon 28th May 2012 16:21

Lovely, Harry. Tight, controlled, well expressed. Now get out of that skirt, and man up! [kidding, kidding] Cheers for your praise re: 'The View From The Coppice'; sadly [or not] I'm no patriot and have as little loyalty to my home town as I do for my country. Often its the most familiar that attracts the most opprobrium, simply because all its faults and foibles are so well known. Such is Accy: it's small and parochial and I know it like the back of my hand.

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