The Haunted Future

                                        The Haunted Future



     A little lighter on the elbow,

I’m restraining the pressure,

Knowing the force of pen on paper

Be too powerful for its intention –

And its intent; holding back

The decay upon humanity,


     The visionaries – our gifted individuals

For bringing better futures have returned

A plea for sanctuary;

     Retreating to silent qualms,

Their quarrel futile – their rights of passage

That could be our Utopia -

Blocked by a stubborn potent power.


     Money Controls,

Keeps people chained in western

Prisons while the African, the Asian

Beg for dimes

And only the few gain freedoms

From its grip; titan and invincible;

Big business finance has

Corrupted all of Earth.


     I’m feeling the page struggle,

A page that can tell of many thoughts

But little of my own future,

And I’m driving on the pen –

Insisting power takes responsibility

For all the wrongs that it has done,

I’m pleading with sincerity

Not to venture too far

Towards the gamble

     (for there is still so much

     To lose upon this World).


We’re selling Combat Toys to five year olds!

And the media’s pushing Casino’s

And betting like a drug,

Poverty’s claiming more upon the streets

With payday loans and legal shark attacks –

And over a thousand per-cent of people

Where majority has never really ruled,

Feel the insult of society gone wrong,

     Fathers are losing Son’s and Daughter’s

While the Courts boast

The gaining of a billion,

And Hollywood’s making glory

Tales of warfare and pornography,

And ‘Wants’ are replacing ‘Needs’

While the Health Service bleeds

     To death,

And pregnant Mum’s just won’t make

The Hospital in time

As drip fed treatments that keep

The corporates in control of health

Hold back the cures

And racism still rears

Its ugly head with every

Victim’s death -

And we’re all;

Die-ing inside.



Where did it go?

When did hate for fellow

     Human beings dictate -

The way we live?

Where did compassion

Fall and let itself be buried?

I’m asking

      I’m asking because I care

          I’m asking because this be a World to share!


     This page has struggled,

This pen is running dry

And still I’m compelled

To write the wrongs

That seem the new faith,

Yet still I am with hope

And though it begs to die,

I’m crying for the children

Born without a life

     This entity we praise as

Human Spirit is being


And I feel for every child

Born in future times where

No-one is alive

And I pray you tally all the warnings

And not the increase of your purse

For the bubble,

The rupture of each and every soul

Will be heard a millennium away

As we try justify mistakes,

And the sad loss,

The sad loss piercing

Like a knife within the

Hearts of Gods and Sainted Angels

See these beings drop their gait

In sorrow; and their tears,

Like my pen will run dry

Of life,

And the seas,

The trees

The meadows and the plateaus

The creatures

The flora

The warmth of the sun;

     Will be nothing more than ghost;

All of this will come I fear,

If we continue sentencing

Freedom to its death,

While corruption thrives

On humanities imprisonment.  



Michael J Waite 5th May 2012.

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Lynn Dye

Wed 9th May 2012 22:08

A world to share - yet it remains just a dream with all the wrongs you describe so well here. Good one, Mike.
Lynn x

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