Innocent Memories

As a child life was sweet friends playing footy in the street,

Holidays to far off places, Ice cream, rock and candy laces,

See the waves come racing in crashing over sandcastles, splattering,

Get yourselves dried are you too tired for Donkey trekking along the shoreline,


I remember days like this when girls would blush and steal a kiss,

In front of mates this isn't done, gave her a shove, but I'm sure its love,

Playing hopscotch in the park, kiss chase, bulldog, running races,

Crowds of happy smiling faces heading home for tea,


Eggs'n'Bacon, Beans on toast, Bread'n'Jam, I love my Mum,

A wash'n'brush-up while we wait for Dad to tell us stories of good and bad,

Although I lay there quietly waiting, petrified, body shaking,

The Bogey man never came and the bed bugs never bit me and no dragons were slain,


Waking up for school next morning curtains open to show snow is falling,

Snowball battles in the playground Battalions in white cascade down,

Onto regiments of bold bright snowmen break times over the teacher is calling,

Home time is best when its cold outside hot milk or soup by the fireside,


Watching TV, drawing, playing, imagination stretched to its limits,

Now I'm soldier bold and brave or an outlaw holding up the stage,

I sometimes wonder what I'd be at the ripe old age of twenty three,

Though there's plenty of time to sort out that as I curl up on the sofa next to our old cat,


Eyelids heavy as I drift away on a cloud that's heading to distant lands,

Yet more adventures to be had......the innocence of a little lad.


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Paul Letch

Mon 28th May 2012 23:56

I hope that readers of my offering called Innocent Memories, will enjoy it as much as I do. It really holds so many pin points of my own childhood experiences in the late 1950's. Listening to radio rather than watching TV really allows the imagination to run wildly to the extreme.

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