Saying Earth

                                Saying Earth


     I have never been quiet,

Always shouting a noise, always

Keen to share the injustice of my sentence

For I greatly feel – the prisoner.


     I say an awful lot and yet,

I guess people know although,

     They never reaffirm a stance

Of solidarity, never seem to take

Agreement on my misgivings

And it’s slowly dawning,


     That perhaps the sense

Of foreboding for where we now stand,

Declares ‘all,’ at loss,

Not just I, not just my own small

     Family; but all!


     The omens

Seem to point towards a day of doom;

People are becoming wary,

     Frightened, scared,

And with resignation sit

Within a silence – mistook

For ignorance, and I guess

The noise I make may never

Make a difference

Never change the disputes

Open in appearance.


The noise I make

Has been a challenge,

But challenging still

Is our Worlds very survival

As Winter continues on

Through Spring,

     Species are die-ing everywhere –

So maybe we all,

Are listening sorrowfully

To quiet screams of hurt

As the globe within her

     Death throes - despairs.


     I am now at prayer,

Tearful of lives

That now may never live,

I’ll be quiet awhile

Share the pain in silence,

But if we are ever to live again,

I’m hoping the sanctity of love

Be given respect we always

Should have had,

And that like this World;

We never let it go

To nothing more than

Decadence and decay.


Michael J Waite 14th May 2012.




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