Trev's Texas Tour 2012 (Alpine to El Paso)

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Image: Natures own artistry on the way to El Paso.



56) Yesterday at Alpine I decide to spend

The day at the National Park in Big Bend

There in the desert time was spent

Like Jesus in the wilderness on that very first lent

Where Satan tried to tempt him with the treasures of the earth

But none could buy what Big Bends beauty was worth

I saw St Elena’s Canyon, in awesome rapture

Magnificence no artist could ever capture

Mountains set against the sky, cactus in flower as I drove by

Millions of years in the making, yesterday it was mine for the taking

Camera to capture each scene, memories of where I’d been

Exploring the parks natural charms, cool wind on my bare arms

Along Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, watching the park come alive

Down my spine went a shiver looking down on the Rio Grande River

Plenty of trails along which to tramp, plenty of places to stop and camp

Stop for a picnic or enjoy the view, do it how you want to do

Information boards telling the story, of the parks past and present glory

Something different wherever I went

It cost 20 bucks but it was money well spent


57) I arrived in El Paso to find, the clocks were now an hour behind

Of the extra hour I’d make the best, catch up on my poems or have a rest

When they change back one thing’ll be clearer

Lunch at Lamesa will be an hour nearer

But for now let’s see what’s in store,

Hopefully inspiration for my poetry tour


58) El Paso on the Mexican border, where there was once law and disorder

The Franklin Mountains is where I’ve been

McKelligan Canyon Amphitheatre, I’ve also seen

A short tour of El Paso downtown, now waiting for the sun to go down

For the scenic drive to see the lights,

One of El Paso and Juarez’s most beautiful sights

Then a night’s sleep should see me right,

Before I leave in the cool morning light

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