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Image: The Beware of the Agapanthus sign (poem 133).


126) Daniel was the prefect host

When of last night we made the most

First a meal and there were dips,

The first time I’d seen red and green corn chips

The main course came along

As the Mariachi played and sang a song

We chatted about our children and wives and about our poetry lives

And to come to my delight, a tour of McAllen by night

Time was short so we made the most; yes Daniel sure was the perfect host


127) If you become parents listen to every song

Time will fly in the blink of an eye

Adulthood comes along

And your once mischievous little elves

Have become grown ups themselves

(This poem fits nicely on the end of poem 108)


128) I’d tried to phone home but hadn’t much luck

Somewhere in the system something seemed stuck

Customer service I rang and my problem did tell

Did what they said but that didn’t work aswell

I mentioned to a guy about calling my family cos’ I missed ‘em

He said “no worries I’ll put you on our system”

I knew my family was away when I rang later that day

But better than a nightingale singing,

I heard my home phone in Castleford ringing

Today I got a text saying they were back,

Rung straight away time I didn’t lack

We had a talk caught up on our news

What we’d done, where we’d been we both enthused

So later I’ll ring again and maybe like as not

When I hand the phone over be able to say

750 free minutes and I’ve used the lot


27.4.12 – 129) Last night the opening and anthology launch

Our talent you could not staunch

Nor could we hide that feeling of pride

Of poems there was no lack, contributor’s biographies at the back

No feeling of dread as one by one we read

Summer Lost, About Nothing, Long into the Night

Fair Wind, Soil Sippers and The Starry Night

Or take a chance with The Devil at a Dance

What do you suppose happened to The Snake in a Hose

Just some of the many, which was best? Pick any

Before evening end some read a poem by an absent friend

And I was really glad I came

The anthology, Boundless by nature and Boundless by name


130) Today a short ride away no need to hurry

It was only on Hackberry

Reading poetry would be cool

To the students of McAllen Memorial School

But as daylight over McAllen crept, I found I’d overslept

Coffee and a quick bite to the school I hurried but I needn’t have worried

Cos’ Daniels wife Gina did tell, Daniel was running late aswell

Soon each other we found and were to the auditorium bound

It was good as a matter of fact as we became a double act

Then Lady made it three and what’s more

She was followed by Oscar who made it four

The students were delighted as one by one we recited

Faces breaking into smiles at our different styles

Then me and Oscar had to go, for an interview on radio

Another part of the Festivals glory which for now is another story


131) To San Juan we went to give a radio interview was our intent

And I arrived to find, I’d left my poems behind

But there was some luck, a copy of he Boundless book

And wouldn’t be blue cos’ I could read at least two

Then some more I’d find in he dark archives of my mind

Brenda sitting there asking questions from the hosts chair

Not as an oral exam test but to get from me the best

And how I made my name in the poetry game

And asked what aspiring poets need to know said “just get up and have a go


132) I could tell Oscars interview went well

Although I took the time to locate my missing books of rhyme

Felling somewhat a fool realising I’d left them at the school

So back along the Texas roads to locate the missing odes

Oscar got me back I was delighted when me an’ my poems were re-united


133) At Quinta Mazatlan they advise care

With a sign saying of the Agapanthus beware

Further advice was not lacking, what to do in he event of it attacking

But I was stumped because I didn’t know what it was

Would it be up a tree ready to drop down on me?

Or lay just under the ground, and take me with one powerful bound

Does it only come out a night and give a nasty bite

Or daytime being scary, drive away the unwary

So a simple task, go to reception and ask

To be told, no need to be bold, not even a feature, no such creature

It was a sign once thought best to scare off an unwanted guest

It was a ruse a previous owner would use

But would the unwanted guest feel silly

When they found out beyond all doubt

An Agapanthus is a species of lily


134) To Edinburg I was bound but he venue couldn’t be found

Something wasn’t quite right on he Festival Slam night

The GPS I thought would get me there, got me to the middle of nowhere

Daniel tried to ease my distress giving me again the venue address

But it was in vain I was back where I started again

So he said “Down the road run in the direction of the setting sun

Cos’ I have found, the Courthouse you go round

Take it easy drive with care, when you reach Chillies you’re almost there

I got there parked and with intent

Walked to the event

But thought it a stupid thing to do, with a Courthouse cut a road in two


135) Well wham bam thank you mam, should I join the poetry slam

With my accent would they be gettin’

To think I was babblin’ like a cretin

Thinkin’ with out doubt ‘what the hell’s he talkin’ about’

One thing I know, so they understand I can talk real slow

Gettin’ into the spirit of things from what ever my memory brings

Now slammin’ is a work of art, but at least I’ve gone and taken part


28.4.12 - 136) The day dawned nice an’ cool

Who was the weather tryin’ to fool

With experience I could tell, soon it’d be hot as hell

I’ll be out and poetry renditioning, hope they got some air conditioning

Well Alan came and away we went,

To a workshop where time would be spent

How to give your work a shine from within, but no sign of our host Carolyn

So Alan checked he site, to find it was updated last night

And to us both did say, no workshop at Jitterz today

No workshop didn’t make us blue we both found something to do

Alan found it hunky dory time to work on his latest story

And I took the time to relax and compose another rhyme

In whatever style I choose while in he back ground a lady sang the blues


137) While Johnny Cash was singin’ Ring of Fire

Outside the temperature gettin’ slowly higher

Not to fast I hope but hot enough to cope

John an’ Kelly just come through the door now we are four

But it’s not the numbers that win it, it’s the effort we put in it


138) Poets don’t hurry, no need to worry

Poets laid back sometimes of track

But on one thing you can depend

Poets get there in the end


139) Morning reading over at 11:15,

Now memories of what was heard and seen

Then together in a bunch to read poems over lunch

Like as such on my plate too much

So in the know, asked for a box to go

What it did do is give me inspiration for a haiku

Now it’s afternoon delight and a rest before the Pachanga tonight


140) The VIPF Pachanga went alright, on the Festivals final night

First we went to dine with a choice of drinks iced tea or wine

Shaun and Lamar each a brave fellow entertained us accapello

Then another part of the production, the featured poets introduction

Daniel as only he can introduced Poet Laureate Jan

Then Alan without fail likened me to the king in Monty Pythons Holy Grail

Saying I didn’t need a troubadour, I wrote myself on my tour

Lady came on next a poem about what made her vexed

Then Juan somewhat cheekily rude about the sexiness of food

Then we gave Oscar a big hand the poet that once played in a jazz band

Then came a poetry whizz her name Amalia Ortiz

One of the best the first featured poet at the original valley fest

Outside the night was warm and inviting still the durned skeeters biting

Then time to take before the registered poets a 5 minute break

Then time to re-engage the registered poets too to the stage

Kaitlin, Kelly and Ed  got up and read

Lauren, Erica and Lena spoke of a gnome at the end of his roam

We went through the list, no one was missed

When poetry came alive at VIPF number 5


29.4.12 – 141) The Valley Festivals final day some even now on their way

And can be found homeward bound

While for others the annual rite at the Gloria Anzalda burial site

Tributes to pay on this final day

Of her life we were told and so did a vigil hold

Time took to read from her book

And whilst there offer a poem or a prayer

And try not to weep for in peace she does now sleep


142) We said our goodbyes wishin’ each other well

Time being our master we couldn’t dwell

Happy but slightly heavy hearted going separate ways we departed

I would stay a little longer for others the call of home was stronger

Cos’ I would the time take and phone call make

Ring home an update about my roam

Ring a friend now it’s near holidays end

Another friend to greet, find out where to meet

As once more I cross the Texas plain when tomorrow I hit the road again


143) It’s now night as I write

A time for reflection and recollection

What I’ve done, what I’ve seen where I’ve been

An’ the folks who were delighted when I stood up and recited

An’ it sure weren’t blue when others recited too

Be it workshop or open mic, readin’ what ever we like

In coffee bar or hall we’ve had a ball

An’ we live in hop not fear it’ll happen again next year

For tomorrow I set forth to head back up North

Two more events gonna have another ball

But for now it’s good night to y’awl

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