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La fleur de l'éveil

Au milieu d'un jardin
Parmi autant de couleur
Mon attention est captivée
Par une seule fleur

Une fleur délicate
Parmi autant d'autre
Une fleur pure et belle
Sans aucune faute

Ça c'est ce que j'ai vu
Dans un jardin infini
Ça c'est ce que j'ai cherché
Pour compléter ma vie

Pour compléter mon être
Pour rendre ma vie plus belle
Pour me faire croire au futur
Dans ce monde mortel


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Le discours sans parole

Il y plusieurs manières
D'un message transmettre
De donner des informations
Et de se faire connaître

Sans jamais faire un son
Sans jamais parler
Mais j'arriverai à te comprendre
Si je sais t'écouter

Si j'arrive à regarder
Au fond de ton regard
Je comprendrais tes sentiments
Sans me décevoir

Si je te vois sourire
Je regarde dans ton cœur
Alors dit moi tout
Sans jamais avoir peu...

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La complexité simpliste du sourire

Une première impression
Peut définir l'avenir
Et il suffit d'un sourire
Pour une relation établir

Un sourire naturel
Rempli de sincérité
Réchauffe le cœur
Et me mets à rêver

Un sourire pur
Pleins de sentiment
Que captivé mon attention
Et mon âme intensivement

Parce que le sourire est simple
Et est simple à regarder
Mais il ne veut pas dire
Que c'est facile à déchiffrer

Un s...

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La vérité derrière le regard

On a toujours dit
Que les yeux sont le miroir de l’âme
Ils sont la porte de la vérité
Que la sincérité proclame

Le lieu cache
Derrière un regard
Ouvert au monde
Mais difficile de percevoir

Le seul lieu
Où il n’y a rien à cacher
Où la beauté est pure
Pour ce qu’arrive à la regarder

Où un seul mot
C’est égal à l’infinie
Ou un seul moment
C’est le temps d’une vie

Où l’éternité

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Two souls

Two independent souls
Separated by land
Sky's apart from each other
Each in their homeland

Two souls searching
For what they had seen
In the world of their desires
That they saw in their dreams

Two souls walking
Deep in the night
Lost in the darkness
Searching for their light

Two lonely souls
Wishing to the starts
Asking for a way
To heal their scars

Two souls wanting
To f...

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New horizon

For a long time
I was living without living
Hiding within myself
In the world I was dreaming

But I can't dream forever
That's something I forgot
Something I dismissed
While I was deep in my thoughts

And then I woke up
For first time in a while
I got free from the dreams
Where I was in exile

And I cannot describe
The feeling of awakening
The feeling of life
Is breathtaking


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Focal point

In life there’s a lot to see
And there’s a lot to desire
There’s people to meet
And things to acquire

There’re so many things
That we can choose
That we want to ourselves
And that we don't want to lose

But if stop to think
We can then realize
That we should narrow our dreams
To go for that one prize

We need to gather our strength
And we need a lot of determination
We need to pu...

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Spirit storm

Deep inside me
Buried in my soul
There's a giant storm
Raging out of control

Everything is entangled
In the winds without direction
Everything lost their place
Because of the destruction

Feelings became broken
In the shadow of fears
And I lose in seconds
What I won in years

Desires became fragments
Being slashed by my doubts
Their light disappears
In this eternal blackout


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The lyrics of my feelings

At bottom of my heart
Deep inside me
My feelings are whispering
That they want to be free

That they want to express
The meaning of their existence
That they want to be shared
While singing with persistence

While searching for the heart
That they want to complete
They sing without stop
In a tone that is sweet

And in a white sheet
I write the lyrics of my feelings
I write the des...

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The poet’s fight

I have always heard
That love is a war
That it’s a battle of feelings
That can go very far

And in this serious battle
I am one of the players
I am the one fighting
To achieve my prayers

I need to be strong
And use everything I can
I need to be myself
I need to have a plan

I need to strike first
I need to give the first blow
I need a good impression
I need anything to show


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What's the point

What's the point of dreaming
If I'm not sleeping
What's the point of my legs
If I'm not walking

What's the point of my imagination
If I'm not thinking
And what's the point of my eyes
If I'm not seeing

What's the point of those words
That my heart is writing
What's the point of those feelings
That my soul is screaming

What's the point of everything
When only me is here
And what'...

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Into the depths of my being

To discover myself
I need to dive into the depths of my being
To truly understand
What I'm feeling

I need to dive
In the ocean of my perception
Deeper and deeper inside
Till the source of my conception

And at the bottom of my soul
I can see the fragments of my story
The shells of my feelings
In their past glory

I can see the peebles
Of my pure desires
That were strong convictio...

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