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Closet with a handful of Masks

I keep drowning
in the noise
Others opinions
on how
To live my life
Their expectations
Only stress and scare me
If only I knew myself
Inside out
Through and through
If only I've finally become
Deaf and dumb
To this noise around
If only I can make
A decision
and swear on my integrity
That it's truly
Mine own
If only I stop
Striving to prove myself
to this world around......

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Alone and Lonely

If I had but a
To choose my fate
Farwell from this world

I'd rather drown
In the pool of tranquility
And die a peaceful death
Than be suffocated
Out of this lonlely life
Yearning for
Your lack of love.

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Moon in the Morning Sky

So out of place

Yet so beautiful 

Like the moon

In the morning sky

Losing its shine

And relevance 

With the Rising Sun.

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Engraved Insecurities

I spend sleepless nights
Rehearsing the
Bold confident smile
Which lasts
Till I glance at
The palm of my hand
With a list of

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Me Minus Pain

I don't know what is right or wrong
I don't understand the way of this world
I can only feel the constant pain
Tears flowing from my eyes
Frequent pain became a
Constant Reminder that I'm not meant
To be loved or to love
So many ways for a heart to get broken
So many hurts and unfulfilled expectations
I want to be free of this pain

I want to be able to prick my heart with a needle yet ...

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I've been accused of
Not having wander lust
But only if they knew
How often I wander
Looking into your eyes
Sometimes losing my way
Getting lost
Into the depths of them
For hours together
Time is irrelevant
To the frustrated artist in me
As I keep trying to trace out
Your eyes
With mine
Without getting lost in them

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Spirit Of Freedom

I see the flag
Bright colors
Swaying tall and proud and
Remember that it is smeared
With the blood
Of the hundreds of thousands
Who bought the Freedom
At a heavy cost
Their selfless sacrifice
To make India a sovereign

Is this all what Freedom is about?
Isn't Freedom Subjective
And a lot more than
Stop bowing to a foreign rule?

Freedom to come out
Of the shackles of Bondage
Of P...

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They judge me
All of them
Constant daggers of pity
Shooting from their eyes
For choosing the company of books
Over company of people
Loud music and
noisy dinner parties
Casual hangouts
where people
Talk and talk but
never seem to listen
You are missing out on life
They'd say
As they breeze out
for their quota of fulfillment
of this life
How would they ever understan...

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Romanticizing Poverty

A ragged boy
Picking up garbage
A malnourished girl
Carrying around
Her brother
A family of five
With patched up clothes
Lonlely old man
Sipping on a cigar
Group of workers
Doing manual labor

A smile
Caught on Camera
Doesn't prove a thing
A smile
Frozen on a
Framed photograph
Doesn't convey the truth

They may not have everything
But they are the happiest
-The world's best l...

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Poetry prequels pain

Poetry comes to me
In bits
and pieces
I write it
On a paper
All those
random lines
Which look like
Prequel plots
A hurt
not yet felt
I keep losing
this paper
Just like how I
Keep losing the
Thoughts of you
And of
you and me
my heart
So I get to
the hurt--

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