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Duality Dissected

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Sometimes black and white become one. 

Gods omnipresecence is seen, white dancing across black. 

Morning comes from night. 

Day breaks and lights the dark. 

Half the world is light, while the other half is dark.

In the dance of shadows, white light reflects colors on dark night. 

Prisms take white light and reflect colors on black night. 

White light, dark night.

Black canv...

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Imprisoned or Prism

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This poem is a response to Cynthia B.T's. polite polemic, Mind in a Cage.


I am grateful to her for having incited me to use my mind.

Imprisoned or Prism

Our mind is the eye

By which we see, or not, all worlds;

The humdrum, the yet to come,

The mathematical, the fantastical.

By which we perceive, or n...

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Itchy eyes get claustrophobic
And crawl out of their cradle skin,
Down copper and carbon conductive tracks
That refract, through a Prism.
On through invisible fire walls of steel machines,
A thousand eyes, packed inside, one computer screen.

Crashing through Windows like sun light,
Juicing Apples, and goggling your Google Plus.
The paradime online, access anytime,
Free ride fo...

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