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Fallen Angel

You have lost your smile.

Where is it gone ? I do not recognise you anymore. 

Your lips strech, I can see your teeth,

You could have fooled us,

You could have fooled me.

Howerver, there is no longer any spark;

Your eyes are weeping and I am the witness of a bygone joy.

Forgive these crude words, there are not meant to hurt you. 


What is this place that have smothered your desire to live ? 

You are now the shadow of yourself. 

I recognise you on pictures; you were so lively

You seemed so alive in my mermories. You used to sparkle

But that light has faded 

I do not know who you are. 

Present but disappearing and dishearted. 

Where have you gone? 


I smile at you, I laugh with you, I talk to you 

But my heart is not in it. 

Each time I see you in such a spirit 

It hurts me a little more 


Like Narcissus, you have lost  yourself in your reflection 

And I am trying to communicate with that echo 

Who will not answer;

And I am trying to listen but I cannot understand. 


I do not need you anymore 

I have not needed you for a very long time. 

You have been gone for quite some time now, 

I am not even sure you can find your way back 

And yet, somehow, I still believe in you, 

I am begging you, believe in yourself too. 


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Jason Bayliss

Thu 14th Mar 2019 09:26

Sometimes people put on masks to shield themselves from the world and sometimes they put on masks to shield the world from them and sometimes they're just tired of life kicking the shit out of them.
You do right to still believe but you also do right to distance yourself a little.
I know the story of which you speak, only too well. Generally, the, "Masked," want help but don't know how to ask for it, but giving that help can be a long and painful road.

Beautifully written.

J. x

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Heart of Lead

Thu 14th Mar 2019 02:15

This reminds me of someone I once knew. I think I would see the same in his eyes as you have so excellently described. This is powerful and deep and your words so beautifully paint the picture of a pained smile, a mask worn and almost believed. We are wrapped up in images of ourselves and others but looking deeper always tells the full story. Thank you for this lovely piece.

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