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Grace on Fragments of a Soul
8 hours ago

Duality Dissected

Sometimes black and white become one. 

Gods omnipresecence is seen, white dancing across black. 

Morning comes from night. 

Day breaks and lights the dark. 

Half the world is light, while the other half is dark.

In the dance of shadows, white light reflects colors on dark night. 

Prisms take white light and reflect colors on black night. 

White light, dark night.

Black canv...

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blackdark side of the moondualityGodIntrospectionPink Floydprismreflectionspiritualitywhite

Death, Like Wax

I Am Paving My Way Into Hell.
And If I Get Lost, It Won’t Matter To Me.
I Know That Heaven Lies Just Out Of My Reach.
An Ultimatum……
Freedom, You Ain’t My Friend.
Creaking Boards. Hold Your Breath.
Dark Of Night. Exit.
Turn Of Corner. Eyes Down Low.
Three P.M. And It Bleeds From Miles Away.
I’m Taking Turn, I’m Taken, 
Still, To Another Place.
I Draw The Moon And I Draw Rain.
That Afte...

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Cannibal JonesWhite

Town of Grey

I Know If I Fail My Light Will Be Hell,
My Home Come Undone By Moon And Sun.
My Heart’s Been Breached 
By A Beautiful Leach
And All My Blood’s Come Undone.
The Deserted Drifter, A Welcome Blister.
For All My Life I’ve Welcomed The Night.
A Curse Of Unique, I Offer A Drink.
He Walks Alone Headed For Home.
We All Have Monsters To Blame,
In The Town Of Grey.
It’s The Tears That Take Him Aw...

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Cannibal JonesWhite


And If Heaven Is Not For Me
And Hell Just Couldn’t Do.
Like I’ve Seen This All Before
And Maybe’ve Seen You Once Before.
I Think I Lost It All Before Your Eyes.
So Don’t Tell Me How This Ends,
With All Despair In Me Dripping Out This Pen
Of Never-Endings Ever After.
And If I See You There 
Beneath The Foggy Layers,
I’ll Let Them Think They Know, 
But They Don’t.
And If I See Your Fac...

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Cannibal JonesWhite

In Mumbai

When the Sky is dark blue 
And the Dawn becomes true 
Just pray, same as I do 
May my wish touches you 


When sun rises in the Sky 
And the birds ready to fly 
Just remember what I say 
We'll meet, surely, in Mumbai 


When you stay lonely at night 
And you wear your lovely white 
Just be sure I'm always right 
You're lovely dream on sight


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becomebirdbluedardawndodream sightflyIndialonelylovelymeetMumbainightprayreadyrememberrightrisesayskystaysunsuretouchtruewearwhitewish

Hampstead Heath

Black crows and a white stone

symbols of eternity

and our small life flows

somewhere noone knows

with or without dignity

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