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Interview with myself on my poetical journey with poems included

Affinity with words has been part of me since trying to decipher little card cut words given by a teacher, but my journey into poetry began in 2002 when something changed the course of my life as surely as a strong tiller on a lightweight boat, or piece of drift wood caught in a strong current.
Before that I was as a sycamore seed spiralling every which way in winds. What happened caused my ship ...

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Winning the first Poetry Slam Online interview

Poetry Online Slam was created by Bristol based Poet Matt Duggan who won the erbacce prize for poetry in 2015.

You can find out more about Matt here  

Why did I create the Online Slam? I wanted to connect poets from all over the world who wouldn't get to see some poets reading LIVE! Plus, None of that dodgy judging or rent a room Poet B/S. I hope this projec...

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Natural Selection

Natural Selection




I look at them

they look at me

through glassy eyes

that never see

we’ve shared this carriage

many years

never sharing

hopes or fears

I swiftly pass

the guarded gate

and check my watch

in case I’m late

despite producing

dog-eared ticket

the blank faced guardsman

doesn’t click it

I side ...

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The enemy warplanes flew in high over our main port. The pretty lady who ran the port was giving an interview to the BBC. It was then the jets released their bombs. Huge bangs echoed over the port as the facilities were blasted to oblivion. Our return 23mm cannon fire answered in a fullisade.

The camera kept rolling and the girl kept speaking. No way would an enemy air a...

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