The Coming of a New Age

With every year's end - the advent marks the start of a new day,
as human kind we’re always growing wiser, furthermore, fully face to face with the task of taking baby steps toward a straight forward path —
It’s time to take a stand…
(With that being said: we really need to enjoy such a joyous occasion)
In an effort to boost morale; International Women’s Day should pronounce a two part holiday—with payed vacay, and resume the first second of Emma Watson’s birthday in the ides of April.
— Let that be a resolution for the coming of a new age...


Sometimes- We’d rather make up an excuse - to get out of a situation, than put in the effort to change our ways

for better or worse,

the archetypical beau ideal will love us for who we are,

— while we figure out our secret identity.


When we think we’ve got everything figured out - The pride inside is what makes our mothers proud.


You are a born again leader,

Truly, the destiny given voice of reason amongst a group of people,

look closely, by the eye of the beholder —

— you were made self aware,

and procured a fashion sense crafted from the fabric of the universe;

(believed to be intelligent by design)

And thus, proven useful in a myriad of ways to avert the pontifical male gaze.


—Aboard the material plane— we have become distant,

getting so far away from life as we know it—the powers that be see change as our only hope,

through planetary movements and revolutions—we are brought back down to earth—when we drift off during astral travel.


Inquiring minds require a tell all: detailing a day in the life— as an INFJ.

and venturing out into all around vast expanses on account of business,

—when you check into the embassy, solemn as can be in your suit

with your entourage backing you—

Right then and there—the case in point is made

when they greet you with a wave — As you proceed to raise your fist...


honest to goodness — I got the impression from your approach to artistic expression:

That love can be displayed by the mind, body, and soul— Creating a life we want to be a part of.


Soul mates of like mind live a vivacious love life


In reality — a socialite emanating charisma is a form of flattery

(regarded by the psyche) - as an interest in our personal well being.


Cool as can be.


I must say: "Your multifaceted mannerisms complement your good looks; that cheeky smile and those witty remarks never go overlooked"


Your mother said to "ask your dad" for your hand in marriage,
After a moment I get the go ahead; to tell my best man — I need the wedding band to make it a night to remember,



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