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Spinning around

Everything feels spinning around
The table The clock The bed all seems to revolve round.

Last thing I remmber was drowning two pints of beer
With me and my pal it was all about cheers
Suddenly now am laying in my bed
And the sun at top of my head

With a heavy heave I pulled myself
Holding on for my life as if it was in hell
Somehow i managed to glup down a pill
Before my head again st...

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Rooftop Reverie

The sweetest memories hang
like negatives
in the dark room of my mind
I develop them occasionally
picturing again 
more exciting times

Yellows and browns begin to wash
across the leaves outside my window
I haven’t seen you in the flesh
since those shoots were new
it feels so long ago

We ran through those streets
as if we owned them
spinning endlessly from bar to bar
from joke to ...

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why we drink

it´s the feeling
of liquid fire
running down your throat
spreading heat
all the way to your core

with every sip
a bit of warmth
a bit of life
and some of the cold leaves

with every sip
your breath slows
and your heart rate
goes back to normal

with every sip
the silence
becomes a little less quiet
and your room
a little less empty

with every sip
you fill yourself

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Unbareable Truth

What a pleasurable pain

to be loved by someone who only wants to use you 

someone who only wants your body and not your mind 

accepting the fact that you are wanted, only for vanity and not for soul purpose. 

You are but an object, 

a hole for someone to dump their sadness into. 

Nothing more, nothing less. 

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Brew Time

There's nothing like a lovely cup of tea

When the world seems tough

And you've had enough

Try a cuppa and I'm sure you will agree


But in the morning coffee is the best

It wakes you from your slumber

Jolts you just like thunder

Keeps me awake until I'm fully dressed


Although fresh orange juice is also very nice

From the fridge, icy child

Slips down like liqui...

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