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Generation Gap, Next...

Take me back to the days of heady boutiques

Those psychedelic shades which heighten the senses

Racks of lush purple velvet, loon pants, cheesecloth, suede mini skirts

Float me to Biba, Granny Takes A Trip

Where tender darkness and patchouli wafting

Not sickly Haribo sweetness...clinging, cloying

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Beyond A Dream

I've found a love which

Encompasses all

My happiness is almost unbearable

Am I worthy of all this wonderment?

Never did I believe anything

So beautiful could exist

The honesty of us needs no

Pretence, the feeling so


Takes my breath away


Written in 1990

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The beach was filled with people

From all walks of life

Congregating in phenomenal numbers

On a patch of sand the size of a handkerchief

Children ecstatic, content for hours

Whatever you wish to see, you'll find it on the beach

The suicidal waterside, windsurfer

Sporty types, persevering with their shuttlecocks

Vain bathing beauties baring almost all

In the hope of them ...

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Charles Darwin's birthplace

Do the folk of this county town

Feel proud of this fact?

Still the churches and chapels

Fill to the aisles

Perhaps there is more than one

Bishop of Durham

Sprinkled inbetween the proud

Black and white buildings

Numerous shopping centres appear

Like prolific foxgloves

The impressive Charles Darwin Centre

Is soon to be opened

Will Ro...

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Charles DarwinShrewsbury

A Single Flower

A single flower encapsulates

An aura, your feelings

So intense

Intimacy, two bodies, one soul

A dreamlike existence

You caress the petals

Breathe in its heady fragrance

You need it like life-giving oxygen

Be here now and give me

The kiss of life


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Your church bells ring out

Over the sea to St. Cuthbert's Isle

Proud, aloof, yet crumbling

Stands the priory

We sit amongst historic grandeur

Imagining what life was like

And pay homage to your saints

Of long ago

May the grave of St. Aiden

Forever remain on this island

And allow time to stand still

For generations to come

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Holy IslandLindisfarne

Autumn's Arrival

The sky in the evening has a

Red tint, a glow

Hot air balloons float by, all

Is tranquil and slow

Already the colours are changing

On the bushes and trees

And the conkers are falling in

The gentle breeze

Let's walk the country lanes

Kick leaves up high

No more wayside flowers

They just wither and die

Make the most of the wild weather

We Have enjoyed today


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Country Childhood

Waist high, windblown snowdrifts

Sloping, snow covered fields

Lopsided snowmen wearing woolly hats

To wake at dawn and hear the slipping

And sliding of loosening snow

Peep at the sky, the colour of a flock of seagulls

The thaw had begun.

Blossom-like confetti, sprinkled magically

Spring has arrived

Bicycle rides, peering over hedges into buttercup-filled fields

A penc...

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growing up in the countryside

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