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First and Last


I last saw your face, on the last day of school
I spent many a year just playing the fool
My heart it still wanders to hot Sumner days
I remember your feel in passionate haze 
Your hand in mine, the feeling so light
As hot teenage passion develops at night.
Innocence lost at the hands of a boy
Your cheeks shone rosy, your smile so coy
Inseparable, strong, an eternal bond

I last saw...

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First loveOld FlameHighschool

scattered constellations

the walls are crashing,
my head is banging,
I hear them in the back laughing,
my pants too big,
my stomach too chunky,
why should I care?
I don't compare to the accepted chicks,
the ones with perfect hips,
straight teeth, clear skin,
I have jagged fingertips,
my cheeks are bare,
my lashes staggered,
all my feelings are shattered,
why would he choose me? 
he would never choose me,

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This One Is For Every Friendship Lost

It’s hard to look at pictures of me from high school

You’re in all of the stories

The prom after-party, beside me in chorus

And now we don’t speak.

But if you called

I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone

Drive anywhere you needed me

But we don’t need each other anymore, do we?

You could say that I missed too much

You and he are no longer together

You were so many ...

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old friendsex friendslost contactfriendshipHighschoolSorting thoughtsbest friendhigh school friendshurtsadnessangerbecause im feeling bitter.where were you

don't burn.

to you,

i am nothing.


every memory

every laugh 

every smile

every tear

every mistake

every argument

every compliment

is nothing.


i could never compare

to weed

according to you.


i could never compare

to autism and down syndrome jokes

according to you.


my love for you

the fact that you're my best friend

the things you've help...

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metaphormesslongpoemweedhighschoolfriendshippainhurtbetrayalfireburnold dreamsburnoutletter that will never be sent

The Somewhere: Bricks and Cement

God Damnit.
Why can't you just look and see me?

I know you can. 
Kinda Sorta. 
You just don't stop.
You don't consider looking at cracks.

The old school walls are a burgundy color that no one finds interesting.

Maybe once in awhile.
For a brief second.

She was new in school, I think. 
Never saw her before until sophmore year.
Pretty outgoing....

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The SomewhereConnor LannesDepressionHighschoolSuicideSadness

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