"Cancel Couture"

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Go home

Take a shower

Put on your brand-new Couture


Walking down the street as clean as can be

Though you know your character lacks such hygiene

Carefully avoiding anything that will dirty your all-white attire

Your outfit is custom made of course


But yet the inevitable happens

The same way you ruined the previous ensemble

Destroys any hope for salvage

And with undressing to preserve anything left

Comes to light the darkness you’ve stored


And then the people see you

Not the clothes nor the accessories, you

The growing crowd uproars for your removal from this space

As the public indecency is stylistically out of touch

They seem to think orange and white stripes are a better fit


Last time you posted bail

The time before that it was just a warning

But like your clothing, your funds and luck are running slim to none

You’ve got one phone call and they fortunately pick up

Maybe next time you’ll have to spend the night in jail


When you get in the car it’s there right on time

Your customized box with the cute bow and note card

It reads:


Go home

Take a shower

Put on your brand-new Couture

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