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it is all bleak broken; half-hell-heard House, blight blasted, a

sound spoke maelstrom where we see no substance swirling over heads

and hearts unheard - untending - unending obstacles to speech where

he, bright-tied bright-eyed, oversees the game's communication farce fail

debate: debate dire-drowning in the noise.





it is all blame blighted; w...

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Juvenal 2 (: Europe 0)

I will! I will join Juvenal

at the North world’s end

on the frozen ocean ice

if one more lie is penned

another argument to slice

our country from its friend:

to make us pay the price.

Enough! We see the trend

let that one vote suffice

another will just offend

divide and not entice.

Let the peoples’ will transcend,

better not to ask them twice!

We’re doomed to...

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Top of the Tree

There’s a charming woodland creature
reputed to be wise
With a knack for spotting problems
with their eager, clever eyes


Keen and daring to be different
Turning heads through all degrees
They love imparting knowledge
showing off their expertise


And in amongst their hunting
firmly grasped by bill and claw
they hold a sense of duty
and so, lay down the law


It’s a noi...

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