Late Wisdom

You're aching for peace

I'm hurting too

Let the arguing cease

There's polling to do


You look for meaning

I offer a word

No sense for your gleaning

I'm not sure they heard


You called referendum

I thought it was flawed

A meaningless thrum

On democracy's chord


You were not aware and

I never knew

That voting out fanned

A nationalist view


You want ongoing union

I'd hate a divide

But the voted opinion

Is not on our side


You sought my advice

I thought for a while

But my ivory dice

Show leavings in style


You know we need people

I know we need trade

But the bells in the steeple

Ring for the exit brigade


You asked for insight

I looked for a thought

But all I can write

Counts only for nought


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jennifer Malden

Mon 22nd Oct 2018 20:28

I'm not an advocate of brexit either, the margin was so small I'd hoped there would be another ref asking if we wanted out at that price. If for no other reason that we Europeans haven't been at each others' throats at least physically, for over 70 years!

Nice writing, if resigned, as brian said. i agree that a lot of brexiters are now repenting of it.

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Chris Armstrong

Wed 10th Oct 2018 09:20

Hi MC and Brian...
Oh! I live with my hope unfurled
But I know
Anything written here will not tilt the world

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Brian Maryon

Tue 9th Oct 2018 17:43

The last two lines are sad as they show a resigned acceptance of the situation. Like MC below I am a committed leaver, but I do see how many people have misgivings over what is to come. But the clock can't be turned back...if it could I've no doubt all the young stay-in -beds would now turn out in force to vote remain.

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 9th Oct 2018 17:31

I enjoyed this for a number of reasons but have not lost
confidence in the outcome of a return to self-determination.
In this world of machine and electronic device,
To hear we need more folk made me think twice;
With each passing day these things make our wares,
So let's keep our own folk while other lands keep theirs.

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