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Red Lipstick

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Red Lipstick


Standing in reverence of a mighty giant

his Nobel words remembered, this fan notes


exaggerated bat-like shoulders enhance his

thoughtful gaze - watching the Horseman?


Others have stepped up on Galway stone; held

those long, thin legs as they balance, head bent


to leave a lipstick imprint of their awe for him

on the space his left hand noncha...

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The Scandal That is You

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She opens her palm and his hand, he hands her

Time for a spin, some sin on the dance floor

I’ve got plans for us just how much can you handle?

Passion’s the mantle,

I’ll make you my Scandal.


Beautiful body, mental combatant

Amazing Agent of style and fashion

Miss passion with the most passionate

habits that are old fashioned


like manuscripts written by candlest...

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a bald old man

in glitter suits

gets vertigo

on platform boots

his cigar smoke

hangs in the air

whilst outraged fathers

simply stare

and comment on

the raging poof

who hangs precariously

from the roof

or unnoticed

passes by

in the background

on the sly

his black mascara

and red nails

his pouting preening

never fails

to s...

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