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Into the Maid of Mist

The cascades rippled through my heart,

An emulsion of colours, I was lost in the art

Drowning the miseries, sorrow and grief

It was time to turn over a new leaf.


I wanted to be swept away,

Paddle the horizons and fadeaway.

Inhaling in such a natural wonder,

I swayed as high as the clouds and yonder.  


Rainbows glistened in the haze,

The falls gushed down in a c...

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Niagara FallsTorontoMy Escape

My Home

I was destined to meet you,

And yet I had no clue.

You were the missing part to my smile,

The one who would walk with me, the length of The Nile.

With you I found my inner peace and joy,

The true love that no power will destroy.

Together I want to travel the roads to Rome,

And forever make you my home... 

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A Field Trip to Belize

An ocean so crystal clear,

Watching the Southern Stingrays glide beneath the Pier.

An Island laden with palm trees,

With coconuts as many as you please.


Take a dive into the deep,

And from the Coral they will peep.

The bluest Blue Tang and the rockiest Rock Beauty,

The melodious French Grunt, a humorous Clown Wrasse and Sergeant Major on duty.


It’s a mystifying ca...

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FishExploringField TripBelizeCentral Americahidden beauty

A Friendly Splash

A little memory with my favourite animal 


The wrinkled grey skin

And that playful grin,


 He drew out his trunk

And from the bark he took a chunk.


With that sparkle in his eye,

He certainly wasn’t shy.


We had a connection,

A friendly affection.


In the water he gave a whimsical splash,

With that the day ended in a flash,


Until we meet ag...

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We will Once again...

We will once again smell that hot humid air

As we descend below the suns glare.

Those warm beaches of foreign lands,

Where our feet dissolve into the golden sands.


We will once again step into this evanescent reality,

And treasure its timeless beauty

Scaling the towering peaks

Capturing moments as we speak,


We will once again canoe down a meandering river,


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Waking up from the Hurt

You promised me a future,

I painted the perfect picture.

Failing to see the sands,

Slipping through those firmly grasped hands.


Your one moment of affection

I’d find an eternal connection,

I thought this was love,

Until you took away my winter’s glove


I stopped dreaming,

My heart was screaming,

What was this injustice?

The longest day, it was my solstice.


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self lovestrength

A Place in History

Inspired from my walk to Hampton Court Palace ...


The cobbled stone path concealed a mirror,

Reflecting the footsteps of a bygone era.

On the grounds of Richmond upon Thames,

Stood one of English history’s finest gems.

The grandeur of architecture that once welcomed royalty,

Now stood barren, amongst its tranquillity.


A king’s history of questionable demeanour


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hampton court palaceKing Henry VIIILearn from historydemocracy

The Key to the Lock

A little poem inspired by the all the positive aspects i discovered over the last year in lockdown. 


As I walked past the empty gym,

My thoughts began to swim.

I wondered what now? Where will I find my escape?

Lost in thought, I continued down the cityscape.


I listened intently,

As the winds blew gently.


The outside air called for adventure,

A need for wander...

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Happinessself lovedaily exercisejoyful

Dear Mum

Here's a little something i'd like to dedicate to my mum <3 


Dear Mum,

Your smile was warmer than the sun.

A glow that now twinkles amongst the stars,

Every time I look up, I forget all the scars.


I remember our long walks,

All those calls with endless talks.

You were my beacon of positivity,

My foundation and stability.


With every passing cloud,

I prom...

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Into the Lockdown

The World fell silent,

Sombre air began to fill the streets, 

There came an end to social meets.

No more dining and no more celebrations.


Hospital wards filled with a new enemy.

Masks, gloves and sanitation,

Echoed through the news,

Leaving a trail of gloomy blues.


Families gathered for the 5pm broadcast,

Rising death rates leaving them aghast.

But a ray of ...

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Captain Sir Tom Moore

His Walk inspired a nation,

100 yards to a 100 years, what motivation.

From an army veteran to a NHS hero,

Even the Queen came to say bravo.

Knighted and UK number one,

Now "you'll never walk alone".

You will forever remain in our hearts,

To heaven as your soul departs.

Rest in peace Captain Sir...

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