Democracy reveals the state
Of our disunity - Doug.E.Barr, poet


As I stood by the till

I heard a voice call out

It's over - the people's will:

A good result - a real rout

And ducked my head to pay

As the cashier agreed

And ducked my sad head to pray:

My silent view, an alien creed.


It's over - the people have had their say

That last faint hope is gone, done are the deeds

It's over - misplaced patriotism held sway

Triumphal Brexit shaded out folk's real needs:

Leaving Europe will simply start

Our isolation as 'offshore states'

With border schisms over our internal mart

Beggars outside much greater gates

While health and schools and social care

The homeless, the young, the poor, the old

Unchanged, remain without a prayer,

Or hope in this new, lone, outcast, winter cold.


Too late now to sigh

Too late! I cry:

Powerless, I could only vote

Pondering an Aristotle quote:

Democracy is when the indigent

And not the men of property

Are the rulers

Powerless, I could only vote

Knowing how those men will gloat


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Graham Sherwood

Wed 18th Dec 2019 17:15

As my father would often quote:

'buggered if you do, buggered if you don't'.

The main problem with Socialists is they only want the will of the people if it agrees with their views. When Socialists vote Conservative it's time to inspect the fluff in one's navel and go and have a hot bath.

<Deleted User> (18980)

Wed 18th Dec 2019 15:57

Actually, surprisingly, I haven't heard much gloating.

The Project Fear movement hasn't been silenced though, but if pissing into the wind is your thing then be prepared to wash many pairs of trousers.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 18th Dec 2019 13:26

The election result reminded this Englishman of G.K Chesterton's
"Secret People" ("We haven't spoken yet") with their "Unhappy lords", pursuing a political mandate they had never been granted,
now held to account and rejected.
P.S. The Scottish result is interesting but then that nation has a
long history with "Europe" in one form or another, not least the
behaviour of Scottish nationalists in the dark days of WW2.

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