A Place in History

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Inspired from my walk to Hampton Court Palace ...


The cobbled stone path concealed a mirror,

Reflecting the footsteps of a bygone era.

On the grounds of Richmond upon Thames,

Stood one of English history’s finest gems.

The grandeur of architecture that once welcomed royalty,

Now stood barren, amongst its tranquillity.


A king’s history of questionable demeanour

That would bring death to those who would dishonour

The man of six wives,

Of half that lost their lives

On account of ill fate, betrayal and conspiracy,

As this was no age of democracy.


Behind these closed doors,

Echoed the silenced secrets of war, bloodshed and turmoil,

Now buried deep within and underneath the soil.


An idyllic reminder of what we have today,

Was once a man’s dream from yesterday…

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D Joshi

Wed 10th Feb 2021 17:10

Thank you Keith, appreciate your encouraging words.
It sure reminded me of some fond memories of sitting in a history class back in school.

Thank you Brian, 100% agree on that

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keith jeffries

Tue 9th Feb 2021 16:45

A good and well rhymed poem which portrays a dark period in our history. I particularly enjoyed the pen ultimate stanza.

Thank you for this


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Brian Hodgkinson

Mon 8th Feb 2021 21:45

I like this very much. I am a lover of history. Nothing should be cancelled or reworked. We grow from it.?

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