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The Parable Of The Wolf And The Lamb

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The Parable Of The Wolf And The Lamb.


We are the men of peace, they say,

we hide in plain sight of you all

taking their innocence away.


We simply ask that you will pray

for those who sin and those who fall.

We are the men of peace, they say.


We ask for penance every day,

we prey upon the week and small,

taking their innocence away.


We look after th...

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All this indulgence in spring

the obsession with beginnings,

green chutes sprout through those trod in 

when GAIA takes her winnings.


With false hope we hope

the cycle might shift the mass,

we mythologise the coming life

the bluebells in the grass.


The lambs so sweet and tender

but our cruel hearts don't miss a beat,

their chance of life is slender


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Among us (edit)

For a moment, caught in anger

wings sprung their mortal shield, 

talons scratched electric air

their purpose un-concealed.


Demons come in disguise 

they speak with perfumed words,

their souls not seen through eyes

their tongues speak loud, unheard.


And they are here as real as day

to feed on you and I,

occasionally you’ll see them

just hope, they pass you...

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Fairy Cakes

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Fairy Cakes


They believed in a mythical being,

who supposedly loved his creation.

Omnipotent and all seeing -

His will needing no explanation.

They followed his lore from an old book

written by disciples raising the stakes -

that one thing they just shouldn’t cook

were those sinful and bad fairy cakes.


“Good will to all men” they proclaimed

(but the women di...

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The dead white faces

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Rub a dub dub

three men in a tub

drifting to the bottom

of their watery club.


Each day descend new members

raining through the surf

like floating fiery embers

burning out their worth,


reduced to something 

less than smoke

deep down submerged

its here they choke.


Where hope succumb’s

to a refugee’s sea,

no longer a burden

to whoever it be,


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Oh The Hypocrisy

As it is rememberence weekend, I just thought I would post you this, in honour of many a soldier!


                                                Oh the Hypocrisy



            Someone get me a cloth,

For someone shat on my screen!


I’m scoping now,

Scoping with a full magazine

Of thirty-two rounds –

The foresight blackened

By my gun oil to assassinate


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Hatred Junkie

Fake nostalgia spews out from your head

For a sepia England that was never there

Hatred junkie, you know

Where the blood river flows

Feel the bile at your knees


Marching bands drown out your higher brain

Blaring voices drive your soul insane

Hatred junkie, you feel

Like a cog on a wheel

Grinding so out of time – after time


God made you useless


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