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maybe mayhem

maybe you're amazed by mayhem.  sweet mayhem.

chaos colored lipstick screams, tumultuous as she licks her lips

a wild and tangled disarray, her hair - a disheveled decadent disorder

cascading down past swaying hips

rolling, undulating as she slips

her thoughts into your consciousness

ideas driven by desire insinuate, penetrate

intoxicate, obliterate but never deviate

her ha...

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Blue On Blue Contact

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Blue On Blue Contact


This blue on blue contact

is really rather fun.

Amber shoots at Boris

with her metaphoric gun,

Michael snipes at Dominic,

Andrea shoots from the hip

And Jacob assaults everyone

with his stiff upper lip.


This blue on blue contact

puts them under friendly fire -

the egotist, the pessimist

the naysayer and liar.

They all have an op...

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Cosmology 101

Chaos seems the wrong first word:

no light

no sound

no time

and nothing moving e'er occurred


Chaos speaks to me of chance:

a move

a crash

a force

that happen in time's dance


So before chaos, ah, but stop -

no before

(no time)

so just

stasis as creation's dark backdrop


Some cosmic joggle, as if perhaps

god sneezed:

atoms move

and ...

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Chapter 7: The Birth of The Rebel Kid

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Finally found my place in the sun
A place where I can be myself
Drinking a ton of alcohol 
And rocking out on my guitar. 

Living off of candy and beer
And smoking a lot of pot 
Breaking all the stupid laws 
Because being good is so boring.

Creatures of the night run this place
There is no goodness anywhere
You can live like an animal
Or die like prey.

I loving being a rebel
No one can...

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This chaotic calligraphy 
threads itself through
the crisply unfolding scenes
of my imagination
That ribbon of spiralled words
scrawls across all memories
subconscious graffiti tagging everything

This chaotic calligraphy
weaves its tentacles so tightly
a thin skin forms on every action
all dreams, all things said and unsaid
contaminated with spidery strands
of the spinning story’s we...

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For Loki

For Loki;

Oh Lopt, the slandered god, I judge you not.
Your actions seem unjust or selfish,
but they are not.
They are quite the opposite.
You, the Wily Giftbringer,
what would the mighty gods be,
if you hadn't cut off the Lady's hair?
Hotheaded and sly,
you made the gods stronger,
through your mischief.

What of the walls of Asgard?
Without you, oh Loke,
they would be vulnerable,

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Just in chaos

With their welfare reforms being constantly revised.
I wonder, did they hear our defenceless citizens' cries?
Or are they just in chaos?
People forced to choose between food and heat
Did they mean to bring our poor a-begging at some banker's feet?
Or are they just in chaos?
Public servants suffer under a two year pay freeze.
Did they really just forget to...

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