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What My Heart Consists Of:

If you asked

what my heart



I would say;

half is pain.

Other half?



If you said

love was dead,



Clear your head,

break the shell.

Reveal your



It's called pain,

caused by words.



Cant blame it,

bred to kill.

Grimmest of



Sad but true,

both the halves


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After Death

your hand rests
on the edge
of the kitchen table
there is no
silence here
only the light fading
like the slow
leaking of breath

an apple sits
on the counter
soft lines curving
into the white
shadow of the wall
we take the curtain
turning like a page
in restless sleep
and the sound
of the rain
murmurs cold against
the window

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The Slow Boy

The teachers told him not to dream too big,
That his talents lay somewhere other than Arithmetic,
That English would never be so kind,
As to reveal its secrets to his young mind,
That History was better served,
By someone who could steer its curves,
That Science was a distant star,
So he shouldn't try to reach too far.

Maybe because he was so slow,
He didn't listen to them blow,
But to...

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Slow motion





Living life at

Speed, if you blink,

You will miss it, thundering

Down the road to hell, thinking

This is not the Promised Land, since

You wanted something cooler, never

Planning an afterlife of flames,

A somewhat hottish heaven.

I found the way by going

Slow, do everything

At 33 instead

Of 78.



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