Wearing rubber boots

I open the door

what kind of horror will I face?

Never been to this place

but heard of the legend 

of Michi


A black feline


Who protects 

her dwelling

with her fangs and claws

Got to follow her laws

or swiftly be corrected 


She claimed this home

after living a life of abandoment

A feral

who was tired of the perils

freedom includes


Here to bring her food

She doesn't care

so I must beware

of her fangs and claws


I enter slowly

looking left and right

In the pit of my stomach

sits great fright

Can't see her


I carefully lean down

and fill her bowl

Ready to roll

to my side in a ball

if need be

Protect my face

just incase 

she comes to reprimand me


I detect a black flash

from the corner of my eye

See her spy

from under the davenport

ready to fly 

and strike me


My hearts stops

I calmly rise

push her bowl forward

Ease my way

to the entry

hoping to leave

without argument


I was fortunate

she went straight

for her meal

a good deal 

for me


So I beat feet

out the exit

High from the 


of my visit

Take off my rubber boots

get in my car

inhale a big breath


I did well for today

but know I am not thru

I will be back at her habitat

until her owners come back

from their holiday


Gotta say

Don't know if I asked for enough pay

to take care of Michi

the black cat

who likes to attack

her care givers...


By Lynn Hahn






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Prajna L.S.

Sat 24th Dec 2016 15:18

Liked the narration!

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