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Continental Breakfast

Melted butter with sea salt crystals

dripped down the sides

of hot multi-grain toast.

The smell of cracked wheat and rye

fusing perfectly with the aroma of

coffee made from freshly ground beans.


Occupying the centre of the table

were various platters filled with delicacies

such as wafer thin slices of

mouth-watering Dutch cheese

and honey roast cured ham.



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The advice comes from everywhere

The 'Spin Doctors' getting bolder

With lots of little anecdotes

To stop us getting older


So read it, take it all on board

You don't want any grief

Two minutes a day is all it takes

For you to floss your teeth


Two minutes hopping on each leg

"It's so good for the hip"

Where the hell does that come from?

It makes me wan...

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Good Morning, Good Morning

this house is awakening
it yawns and stretches its
aged bones, as last night’s ghosts scurry
home, with the copper blood running
warm through worm pricked floors

I lie,like you, while you lie,
like me, under the nights warm stink
and the claw and the purr
of the cat’s half lidded lazy gaze
as the foundations shake with each
passing race of 18 wheel freight


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The Bed and Breakfast Test

I asked my husband this morning

To make me marmite on toast

Lightly toasted please

Lots of butter

Lots of marmite

Cut into triangles

Pooling and chaotically spread


It arrives

Two whole slices

Slightly burnt

Marmite and butter evenly spread


I smile gratefully, yet I’m perplexed

If I asked my lover to do the same

Would he get it righ...

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Breakfast Epiphany


There are days
that songs are stifled
or the throat hoarse and weary
No more do notes glide softly -
raking leaves strewn across
the littered lawn
their butterfly wings
hung up in the wait
for another sunny day.

There are nights
that stars squander
their luminescence
on unappreciative lovers
roaming listlessly by
a moonlit shore
their br...

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